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At least we only have to clean the ceramic pots since the stems are disposable...

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has someone ordered a new stem from Tafee? Because the coating had partially peeled off due to incorrect use with hot water or hot Iso.

But the stem can still be used without any problems I think. I will also completely remove the coating on the lower part I think, like ChoochooCharlie
posted it here recently.

I have a long and short stem.
Neither have developed any signs of wear yet, but that is my plan also, should peeling develop.

I guess the ironic undertone from my previous post wasn’t that clear when talking about “disposable stems” but I strongly believe the damaged stems should be covered under warranty. The Manual clearly advices to clean with ISO and states to use hot water afterwards. Obviously this procedure isn’t as aggressive as hot ISO but not far away since the time factor isn’t deniable at all.

I have some small knowledge concerning material safety (not from the medical but more the technical side). There are 4 interacting factors when talking about chemical resistance:

-type of solvent or detergent

When you maximize one factor you might minimize one of the others for cleaning purposes while not harming chemical material resistance:
-more heat, less time, less abrasion and weaker solvent
-more time, weaker solvent, less heat, less abrasion
-stronger solvent, less abrasion, less heat, less time
-more abrasion, less heat and so on.

We might use no heat and we might not scrub, peel, polish or damage the material on purpose. But the accumulated time a stem has contact with the solvent is mostly depending on the frequency of usage (and cleaning).
Also, light scratches and damages of the finish (mostly edges and other contact points) are quite common and inevitable.

Long story short:
I would guess minor abrasion (daily usage), less heat(ambient temperature), strong solvent (ISO) and prolonged contact time (24h) will always occur in chemical degradation if the material isn’t totally inert by itself.


I strongly believe the damaged stems should be covered under warranty.
While I realize that this prospect will break beads of sweat to the foreheads of the TB folks, I agree that they should replace upon request, for those that do not like the cosmetic flaw.
I will leave mine should the peeling occur, but for those that do care, replacement would be a proper option.


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is someone here so "crazy" (not meant in a negative way) and has already bought 3 Bowles?
I would be interested ;)
That would be me, but only own two, short and long

Haven't cleaned short stem yet. Certainly not gonna use hot iso any longer. Just room temp iso, less than 3 minute soak and slosh, cold water rinse. Vape and learn

I'm hooked on the Bowle:

So crazy, don't care so much about scuffs or peeling. I won't be clamoring for a replacement stem


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has anyone asked the company for a transfer of guarantee? I sent an email last week but no response yet ...

given their warranty conditions I doubt they will accept a transfer but ... given the coating problems ... I hope they will be open to discussion ....
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Me again ... no one has posted a response since and the moderators had to go back to the previous post behind me (sorry for the job !!) so I can't edit it anymore.

I got a long and rather satisfying response from Tafée. In any case, their "personalized" response, with technical details and consideration of my questions, is really appreciable.

I didn't tell them about it so won't post their answer here but:
-they are obviously working on an improvement,
-stems will be offered as accessories,
- no need for a guarantee transfer, the guarantee follows the product.

I still post an excerpt from their post which might be useful:
- "However, it is important to note that the rod is not covered by warranty as stated in the warranty part of your guides."
- "Avoid using hot water or immersing in hot ISO as cleaning methods. This is because in the event that the rod has inadvertently encountered a penetrating scratch on its outer surface, hot liquids and chemicals will be a catalyst to accelerate the separation of the outer coating from the exterior surfaces. "

Concerning myself, I leave myself a little time to think about whether I will keep it or not, but I am really very satisfied with their communication!
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Bad Dog

Yeah I pissed on the rug...... so what
After much deliberation I've decided not to shelve my Bowle temporarily or otherwise , I've just missed it too much the past few days. Mine is still in good shape and if it peels I'll take it all off. I was satisfied with Tafée's assessment that the vape is safe and my guess is the coating is inert. Figured why deprive myself of something I enjoy? Spite? No definitely not! So I'm re-honeymooning after a couple days away, I'm enjoying it as I write this 💨💨💨 and I'll be going back to my live resin session when I wake up in the middle of the night. Feels good, feels right, feels like I'm home and dinner followed by a scotch are waiting for me along with my slippers. I missed you Bowle let's never fight again

edit: detachable micro cup edition LoL 😝
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do you mean an improvement for the Puck or only the stem for example ?

in their response they were talking about the point that I specifically raised ... so it was relating to the coating ..

but we surely all agree here that they are in the development of their product and innovation!
There is at least one WPA coming up ... I saw they are considering a handful too.


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Well, this was not a nice find...

Today I decided to clean long stem (after about a week of one/two bowls per day of usage). I did the following steps in order:
1) disassembled stem, removed rectangle base gasket and 3 screws to the side.
2) put 3 metal pieces of stem into a room temp ISO soak in a ziplock bag for 15 minutes.
3) (shouldn't have done this) rinsed each piece under hot tap water running at max flow for about 30 seconds a piece.
4) ran a qtip and pipe cleaner through stem and then rubbed them onto a piece of tissue paper

I mentioned that I shouldn't have done step 3 because it's probable that more particulate was rinsed out during that step prior to me collecting it onto the qtips and pipe cleaners.

As you can see from the pictures below, that is unmistakably a piece of the coating I tried desperately (in vain) to put in focus there... I'm now feeling concerned. I don't want to imagine that I've been sucking flakes like this into my lungs for the past 3 months... I did shoot an email to Tafee with these pictures moments before posting this here. What do you guys think? I'm looking for a way to get my mind around this, but damn, I have to admit I am feeling quite nervous and aprehensive about using it at the moment...


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