T-Bucket Banger System by NewVape


I just want to say that this vaporizer is freaking out amazing!

I’ve been using this with the single hole carb cap and when I got my double hole carb cap for my B1 I was excited to see if there was going to be a benefit. What I noticed is that the single hole provided much more dense clouds. I’m going to try the silicone plug for when I’m using my B1 for double deckers to see if there’s any benefit.

When I first got this Vape I was so consumed with matching other peoples temperatures that it didn’t allow me to enjoy the Vape because I wasn’t able to get the clouds I wanted at the temperature most folks were suggesting. I found that a bubble Carb cap (that I had to modify myself) would allow you to get more vapor at lower temperatures. If you don’t care about the temperature and just put it on something that makes dense clouds You will be extremely happy. After that I just stuck with that single whole carb cap and it provides everything I want and more.

I really apologize about not raving over this thing vape. In my opinion this Vape kills everything I’ve ever tried . Truly a premium and super efficient way to consume your concentrates Ever since I’ve got it I dab off nothing else, unless I’m not at home. Impresses all my torch buddies.
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