1. Camouflet

    Camouflet Banger

    Hello FC, We’re pleased to introduce the all new Banger for concentrates! Our custom designed all quartz Banger uses a perfect fitting stainless steel puck which is affixed to the outside of the bottom of the Banger. This keeps things nice and tidy with an all quartz air path. Our design goals...
  2. T


    Has anyone used Terporium for bangers or anything else? Just curious as they offer two tiers of quality (top/seconds) for many commonly designed quartz nails on their website but I've never ordered from them before
  3. Thick Vape

    Terpometer Seems to be a useful and handy accessory when using a torch or such. At least for beginners, I imagine. I touched one and it was heavier than I expected. I expected something very light. While I am sure it is very handy and probably worth the price, I still...
  4. Chris_CH

    T-Bucket Banger System by NewVape

    The T-Bucket is a Banger System that took its own shape as a standalone banger from its inception with the Tsunami Vaporizer. It has a deep bucket that houses any 30mm dish. It is made from Grade 2 Titanium and it works with any flat coil enail. Its quality is what you have come to expect from...
  5. mrbonsai420

    CCA Liger banger V3.0

    This isn't so much of a review but just getting the ball rolling on the CCA Liger banger V3.0. I am sort of the "Lead" (and first) member of the Beta team, my first beta model was the Turtle banger followed by the V1 Liger so I have been working with Josh for a while now. He is not only a stand...
  6. M

    Got plastic residue on the outside of a Quartz banger... need to replace?

    Hello FC! I recently got a new quartz banger. Like an idiot, I set it on an oven mitt whose outer lining immediately melted onto the outside. I burned off the residue, but its left a large white smudge (similar to what you go for when seasoning quartz I think). The banger is still...
  7. tepictoton

    Liger banger V2.0

    So, seeing how the next generation enail thread seems to be getting flooded daily with new information,finding answers related in specifically to the liger banger v2.0 from is getting harder. Please share all your experiences, tips and tricks here regarding this wonderful piece of...
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