1. B

    Ditanium vs. Flowerpot vs. Herborizer Ti(digital); and some questions about them

    Hi everyone! After searching, reading and watching video’s for days (well years actually, but recently days on end), I still have some questions left and was hoping you lot can help me. Currently I’m using an Arizer Extreme Q (D-dave mod) for flower and a torch and banger for concentrates...
  2. newvape918

    T-Bucket Banger System by NewVape

    The T-Bucket is a Banger System that took its own shape as a standalone banger from its inception with the Tsunami Vaporizer. It has a deep bucket that houses any 30mm dish. It is made from Grade 2 Titanium and it works with any flat coil enail. Its quality is what you have come to expect from...
  3. J

    Confused about combustion temperature

    First I'll start by stating that I'm mostly interested in vaping concentrate at this time. I read one article saying that anything above 365 degrees was combustion, but the flowerpot, which seems to get some hype on this forum, heats dabs far above that (they recommend above 600 degrees to...
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