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And from a couple of days earlier...

Ok, I realise most non-Brits won't know who he was but Dickie was a part of my childhood. Every Saturday, World of Sport, and the first sport shown was usually UK wrestling with Kendo Nagasaki, Big Daddy (oh, how my nan adored him 😍) and Giant Haystacks lol


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Some tunes from a departed friend i recently found out had passed.
I got to share a bunch of my devices w him and nice to know at the end he fuckedcombustion


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So long, Art! RIP, you are one of the memorable voices of the sixties.
The sound of Silence. Clickbait?

“whatever happens, I’ll always be taller than you”.... Art, to his short bud, Paul
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Every kid in 1960's NY knew who Joe Pepitone was.

from this article;
"Pepitone’s 1975 autobiography, “Joe, You Coulda Made Us Proud,” detailed nightlife with Frank Sinatra, smoking marijuana with Mantle and Whitey Ford..."


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I also loved him as Abbadon on Lost. What a fuckin bummer.

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