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It would be the longest distance relationship ever. Several billion miles apart. At least.
I asked Bing AI if they were romantically involved, and he said no, they're incapable of feeling love or emotion. That shows AI programs know nothing about love.

I have another theory. It's possible they were together back when they were in the solar system, but split up and now are separated and growing apart in interstellar space.

BTW Voyager 1 is male and Voyager 2 is female. So all the ingredients are there. Whether they split up due to infertility caused by the intense radiation of space is another issue.
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Oh No! Mr macbill!!
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The words ant holder came to mind. First I wondered what an ant holder would look like. Then, where would I get one?

Then I realized that I wouldn't want an ant holder. I actually hate ants, so why would I want to hold them?
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