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So the musical Wicked is based on a novel.


The story got totally Disneyfied by the broadway peeps. The novel is an incredibly dark fantasy. The entire point is that history is written by the victors. From another perspective the "Wicked Witch" is the good guy. Oz and Glinda are the real villains.

Excellent book. Thought provoking, violent, heartbreaking. Don't really recommend the musical unless you're a dude on a date:



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If you haven't heard, the source code or Grand Theft Auto 6 got "hacked" because the geniuses at Rockstar kept the files on a Slack channel. Let me roll out the world's tiniest violin for these people


Rockstar Games is owned by a multibillion dollar private equity firm. Protecting the interests of the wealthy corporate elite is Law Enforcement's #1 mission. That fact also explains exactly why they've spiked the investigation into Epstein's little black book.


Putin is a War Criminal
James Madison raped his half-sister who was a slave, had a son with her, then sold his child into slavery when he was a teenager and y’all mad at Lizzo for playing his flute?


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I just got a Holiday Gift Catalog in the US mail, from Amazon.

I was thinking about this recently. Amazon isn't some technological miracle. They just figured out that if you push the human body to the absolute limit, you can ship anything to anyone in 2 days or less. Sears could've done this 80 years ago if they were scummy enough.
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