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@vtac, you can't give us a thumbs down reaction without the poster incurring a point penalty? As I previously asked for, even a " :rolleyes: " will suffice at minimum to register dislike.
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Everyone talks about how convection flavor is so much better than conduction. The Vapman is 100% conduction. Everyone raves about how amazing the VM flavor is.

That’s funny, after trying the 2020M the other day I was thinking to myself, wow I hate conduction flavor, but I’m also subbed to the Vapman thread; so every time someone comments on the flavor I feel like I NEED to try that one before making up my mind.


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Right now the air quality in Oregon (and California and Washington) sucks. No, I mean really sux! This article from San Francisco about sums up the situation. NYT article on smoke in SF.

But you know, if you cultivate marijuana, for example the regulation four plants we are allowed here in Oregon, it is very likely that like me you have in your possession one or more very robust charcoal filters and powerful fans to run air through them in order to scrub odors from a favorite plant as it blooms. That, along with a decent HEPA filter can make the air indoors a bit of alright. So, as I always tell people: cultivating weed is good for your health!
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