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I'm preparing for a colonoscopy tomorrow. It's the shits.
My primary care doc told me that with my personal and family history I could use the in-home test and after having a colonoscopy years ago I couldn't be happier about it because ..... when I drank that stuff in the green bottle the night before ...... my insides were so clean you could eat off them.

Over 3 decades ago I had to have a full workup for life insurance. The doctor I went to was well over 6 feet tall and had hands like a baseball mitt. When he told me to drop my pants, put my hands on the counter and bend over I knew what was coming. When he said "Don't scream" my random thought was "Why would I scream"? Less than a second later I understood why and wondered "what the fuck was the rush"!

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Just wanted to say thank you to the people watched my videos, I got more views than I expected. They were fun to make and I hope the quality wasn't to bad but I'm definitely no Sneaky Pete lol this community has been very welcoming and I'm very happy to be a part of it. Don't think I'll make many more videos I don't become some broken record around here. May FC live on for many years in whatever form the powers that be decide to go! Viva FC


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Apparently, I'm not allowed to wear my Hawaiian shirts this summer...

My expert-level sewing wife made them and they fit just right; hiding my upper body flaws while being perfectly comfortable. I hope the bad kids don't keep it as a fashion.


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Previous famous quote:
Scarlett: Where shall I go? What shall I do?
Rhett: Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn.

Scarlett: Because of the patriarchy, I'm not a rich man like you. Where shall I go? What shall I do?
Rhett: Frankly, cisgender hetronormative I have no ownership rights over, a damn I don't give. (Trying to get that lucrative Star Wars tie in.)

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There's gotta be a link somewhere to this thing. But, I'm lazy.

There's this thing where you debate your personal reaons why...

You have 24 hours to do several "projects". Some are pleasurable, however even good things can be too much and must always balance with un-fun things. So...

Match the numbers to a thing:

6, 12, 18, 24

1. Masturbation (to completion) x times
2. Walk / run x miles
3. Eat x donuts
4. Drink x beers

Mine is in the above order. Reasons: can't do THAT 6 times on a good day, so chose lowest number possible. I'm mostly disabled, but could happily spend all day on a treadmill eating donuts drinking beer. Chose the next lowest number for distance. I haven't eaten more than 2 donuts in 24 hours the past 20 years. But, 18 sounds do-able. Regarding beer. It'd have to be good beer. But, this is a double - edged sword. The better the beer the heavier (at least for me). So, I'd totally slum and drink some garbage that's not even beer like Michelob Ultra. It's like making love in a canoe - fucking close to water.

So, what's your number / activity combo and why?


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The good news is you're still working...

Well, with that many shittys I HOPE that's the good news.
Thanks, friend :tup:

My job was never in danger. I just had a terribly shitty day.
Shitty enough that I bought a pint of liquor on the way home, and drank it like it was a glass of water while blowing through a couple bowls with my Flowerpot as soon as I'd arrived home and sat down. Then, I cracked open a beer and made that post, as the days stress and frustrations melted away.

Don't get me wrong...that is not my normal evening routine...but it was certainly what I needed to get rid of an insane level of built up stress from that day. I felt so much better by time I got to the office yesterday, happy to conquer a new day's challenges :rockon:
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So, it is interesting to me how we are all effected by the psychology of big hits in cannabis consumption. Back in my combustion days I was always impressed with myself with how big a hit I could take, how long I could hold it, and how much smoke was still left when I exhaled. These were indicators, I thought, of how proficient a stoner I was. A boost to my "cool quotient" was always a welcome bonus.

In the last 20 or 25 years, as my cool quotient became less important, I came to understand that it really isn't a contest, and all those big clouds I was exhaling were doing nothing for my buzz. But I also realized that it really didn't matter because there was so much junk in the smoke that didn't contribute to the buzz that exhaling bunches of it really wasn't that wasteful and might even be better for my lungs.

Then, when I started vaping, the calculus changed. With vaping I wasn't getting all that junk, or at least very much less of it, and almost everything I was inhaling WAS contributing to my buzz. So, anything I was exhaling WAS being wasted, and being the frugal (cheap) guy that I have become that no longer made sense. Especially for those pulling on a cart that may be 70% to 95% THC, taking really big hits and blowing out a bunch of exhaust, which is really THC, is not a very economical plan of action. Yes, there are some tricks to help you get more of what you inhale (like staggered re-breathing) but anything that actually is exhaled is wasted.

These days I take a higher number of smaller hits, and not only does it seem to get me higher with less consumption, but it also seems to be easier on my lungs. They are, after all, the only ones I'm likely to get and I would like to preserve them however I can. There are way too many folks in my world trailing oxygen and that is not a club I care to join. I am good with being a little less cool...

Just some Sunday thought I thought I would share...
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