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High note: Xzibit’s infused XXL pre-roll ‘Napalm Grenade’​

Fire in the hole! Xzibit’s Napalm Grenade. (David Downs/Leafly)
Back in June when rapper Xzibit debuted his new, Napalm brand Grenade—a 7-gram, hash-infused, glass-tipped, pre-made fatty joint—we were skeptical.

Between ‘rona fears and mass unemployment, was California ready for a $150-$200, XXL lung buster?


Here we are in November and X keeps filling doinks with exotic flower like a quarter-ounce of Cookies’ Cereal Milk, Fiore Cyber Cake , Wonderbrett’s Zerbert, or Backpack Boyz’s Red Tommyz or Blue Tommyz . On top of that goes one gram of hash, all wrapped in a “Lift Ticket”, which is a THC-infused rolling paper. We’re dead.

This is a fortified cannabis product—akin to Moonrocks, or old-school Tarantulas—catering to a young, invulnerable, boundary-pushing sub-culture of THC maximalists, Xzibit tells Leafly.

One Napalm gets the whole clique lit. (Courtesy Napalm)
“If you smoke Dosist, maybe Napalm is not for you. …”
—Xzibit, rapper, cannabis entrepreneur
“If you smoke Dosist, maybe Napalm is not for you. If you’re asking about how much CBD is in the CBD cream, then maybe Napalm is not for you. And there’s nothing wrong with those types of people that want to dip their toe in the water,” he said. “Napalm is for people that got to the cannabis convention and have like five or six dabs of high potency live resin; for people that really consume the THC and the heavier side of what cannabis has to offer. ”

Celebrate surviving to the end of 2020’s hunger games. Impress younger cousins at distanced Thanksgiving. This mega-joint will hotbox your entire house and set off the smoke detectors.

Sold across California at licensed dispensaries.
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I've been following Napalm since the launch, and they have fucking SLAYED the market in spite of their top shelf price tag... if I was still combusting, I'd be all over these!!

I do think there is a bit of moon rock quality to it, in that I don't believe they are using top shelf all they way around. I always found it odd that they will showcase their flower strains/growers/etc through their marketing campaigns, but never do they share or explicitly state much info about their concentrates. I've always wanted to know whose Lives they are using with each grenade, but they don't seem to showcase the concentrates used.


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