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Paying it Forward - A New Direction


A shout-out to @DRCousCous
Thanks for the awesome Micro NC dab straw, and the Sneaky Pete bubbler and Dab rig.
Thanks also for the Starry V3 Vaporizer.
The glass pieces that comprise the neat dab rig have already gone to a home.
I kept the bubbler as the patient already had a similar bubbler.. I can share it with another!
Visits have been regularly scheduled...
I've had my 3rd Vaccination (Pfizer Booster #3 last week)
I offer rides to get Covid Vaccinations to all patients that I serve.
I will continue to encourage vaccinations and offering rides to make it easy.
About half of my patients are immunocompromised and are eligible for the 3rd Pfizer shot.
Most got the Pfizer for the 1st two, because of the location that is easiest for me to bring them.
I now have a Fry's Pharmacy that is helping me get other patients in and done rapidly.
Thanks for reading... I wish all a well medicated and glorious day!


Hope you well Uncle @Vitolo been a while.
I have been... and I am sorry I'm behind on Loving your post and thanking you.
Things went well, and I've had a good supply of vaporizers new and used to work with.
"Paying it Forward" was accepted in a Church community, and so I concentrated my attention there for the last couple of months.
This started out as a room and 12 Congregation Member's that fit the criteria for the program.
It turned into a lengthier stay than I expected, and I was made to feel welcome.
The meetings got larger, as some of the Patients had low income friends with chronic medical issues.
These additional patients that were not of the congregation were also made to feel welcome, and I witnessed offerings of programs, food, services without any pressure applied ever for anyone to join the Church or to donate... all just generous offers to help.
All in all there wound up being 21 patients.
A half dozen were old smokers and were converting to vapor under medical encouragement.
Amazingly, most were first time patients... some that have had cards for many months.
A number had their cards for over a year!
These patients that were new to Marijuana certification were:
  • with little income
  • rare transportation opportunities
  • Little education... but biggest of all...
  • The Pandemic happened right after their certification!
Everyone in the world's been isolated, and the room at the Church has now been relinquished to
Fall activity use... as I have met the needs of all of that Church community.
I just now am starting to hear from the "Hidden" low income chronic and terminal patients that were certified just prior to Covid 19.
Some were given my information, but were fearful of going anywhere, so did not make contact until very recently.
I can relate! know I hid out in the beginning for a good long while.
When entering back into serving the community, it was done in very slow and cautious steps.
I still take great precautions.
I have had the 3rd Vaccination... the Pfizer Booster to accompany the Pfizer #1 & #2 I received.
There is one special forum member I need to thank again, as they made it all possible.
A member I have mentioned before that prefers anonymity.
"Yeah you"!
While I gathered my wits, and eventually found resources to keep me clean, distant, and safe...
...one generous person provided me repeatedly with latex exam gloves, and N95 Masks, and when alcohol disappeared
from most places, he provided me with Iso, enough to get me through until... as I said earlier I gathered my wits and
was able to find some resources.
That's a couple of years worth of protection, which obviously worked, because I am here to tell the tale.
The protection, combined with my existing OCD nature made me less likely to be contaminated by exposure.
Thank you for the supplies.
Your vape donations are getting into homes.... each and every one of them!
If I have forgotten to mention anyone's help, or overlooked thanking one of you for sending vapes,
you've my apologies.
While I feel as young as ever, I admit that my memory might be less proficient than it was.
I have a great excuse... besides the coma and brain injury... I just turned 70 years old in September.
Besides all those that I just thanked.. I want to thank every one of you.
I'd like to thank all of you that cared to read about this adventure.
If you're here... then you're vaping.. and this is a good thing. Thanks for doing it and not combusting.
If you read through the post, then you also love people, and are fans of giving a hand up to someone down...
.. for this I love you!
Talk to you soon!
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ABV psychonaut
Thank you for the detailed update Uncle Vito!
Yes it wasn't long ago when ISO was hard to find.
For the first year of Covid 19 I had one bottle of it
to reuse and reuse and reuse and it was fine.

I have found that memory and holding on to thoughts
have increased and gotten better over time
since I started adding lion's mane mushroom powder
into my morning oatmeal and it's almost tasteless.
It has many benefits.
Something you might want to check out
Old friend.
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