Paying it Forward - A New Direction


A shout-out to @DRCousCous
Thanks for the awesome Micro NC dab straw, and the Sneaky Pete bubbler and Dab rig.
Thanks also for the Starry V3 Vaporizer.
The glass pieces that comprise the neat dab rig have already gone to a home.
I kept the bubbler as the patient already had a similar bubbler.. I can share it with another!
Visits have been regularly scheduled...
I've had my 3rd Vaccination (Pfizer Booster #3 last week)
I offer rides to get Covid Vaccinations to all patients that I serve.
I will continue to encourage vaccinations and offering rides to make it easy.
About half of my patients are immunocompromised and are eligible for the 3rd Pfizer shot.
Most got the Pfizer for the 1st two, because of the location that is easiest for me to bring them.
I now have a Fry's Pharmacy that is helping me get other patients in and done rapidly.
Thanks for reading... I wish all a well medicated and glorious day!
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