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Just ran some CBD through this old thing from 05 or 06, still works(not well mind you). Max temp is 400 and I never purchased the rechargeable battery for it.

This was my very first vape and then I was in and out of the game for a decade plus after that. Pretty awesome how far vaping has progressed over the years.

This has been my second vape, such a crap, horrible device. Broke after about 3 weeks. The completely unnecessary fan simply felt out of the crappy thing.

My very first vape has been a huge glass bubbler with a bowl, fitting a Steinel heat gun. It was about 1995 and came as some kind of Vaporizer kit/pack from Udopea, cost a fortune. Sadly it was not very effective. Maybe it’s been the horrible quality of hash at that time, maybe the long air path. Heat gun still works like a charm at last 😂


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Chalwa (steam chalice)

The Rasta steam chalice would be my guess as they have been around a very long time. Certainly way before the Aromed which is the vape that I personally first recall. Ive used them on many occasions and even had customs confiscate one. My friend gifted me one as I took him over a set of bubble hash bags.
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