Old Head Freight Train


But, ... spending money keeps everything going

OldHead site has them in stock

theyve actually been in stock but the problem lies in the delivery costs Standard Shipping $999.00


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There are a lot of "drop-downs" that don't actually drop down but they are nice with injectors either way! I think Cloud Connoiseur's carbed drop down would be the business. By carefully playing with the carb you can get some more out of the residual heat in the injector.


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Old head's shipping is ridiculous for Canadians unfortunately. Ive always had trouble getting things shipping from start up companies, always like min of $40 for the smallest packages even


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I am happy to be onboard the Freight Train... wagon. Mine arrived on Monday of this week (shout-out to Vape North for being awesome!), and I had to wait until last night to try it out. I got the pro for the improved airflow and the included shield and stand. Having that coil exposed out to the world while it's cooking would just make me uncomfortable.

After burn-off I had a solid session with the Freight Train. I am pleased to report that this thing slaps. Going through a mega cube with whip attachment I was getting huge clouds between 625 and 650 on the dial. Just a small scoop of herb, medium grind, to cover the bottom of the chamber and I was in flavor country.

This morning I feel great.

I noticed over on the vaporents sub-reddit a bunch of people posting pics of their new FTs. There must have been a big shipment go out this week. Based on the hype I wouldn't be surprised if they sell out, though I have no idea what their supply chain looks like.

Anyway, great device. True end game. I am so happy with mine. Glad I had this forum (this thread in particular) available while I was deciding on whether to make the purchase or not. Many thanks to Brian of Old Head for some brilliant stoner engineering.

Happy rails.


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A MUST BUY! You won’t regret it. I bought a second one later.

me, 10 years ago, "I dunno, this is a nice lil glass pipe, but $22 feels a bit steep"

me, present day, surrounded by medical glass, a ball injector vape and several battery powered portables, "yes, this spoon is exquisitely crafted from purest stainless steel and I will happily pay $30 in shipping for this item". *adds to cart* 🧐
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