Okay a question for moderate/advanced vapers - do you do a 'flavonoid run'


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Hello all!

This is my first question/sole post so I'll give a small introduction and then my main question. I've been vaping just over 6 months - I have had experience of vaping before this but I still combusted in the process. I bought a Mighty after being fed up and suffering an ear infection which lead me down this path. I haven't looked back and I love vaping - the clearer high, the control and the health benefits that come along with vaping over smoking also micro dosing and spending less on bud. I just prefer vaping as a whole since I got a 'real' vaporizer I'm fully hooked now and this is why I'm starting this thread.

My main question is does anyone do a flavonoid/terp run before you actually mentally start to vapourize your herbs?

I'm currently vaping my favourite strain (scent wise) in the Mighty, Sky Walker OG. It's just got that scent that I could inhale all day/night without even vaping at high temperatures/smoking. A little flowery a little pungent but I LOVE this scent. I could just stick my head in there and get my level of sedation/highness/medication without having to call it a 'drug' - just a different kind of aromatherapy. I wouldn't even have to vape it if this was considered a herb in my country.

I love lavender and that has a low vaporization temperature from what I see. I usually vape this at 260F give or take 20 degrees for a nice nightcap/flavor. If i mix with other substances then I'll adjust temperature accordingly.

My main question here is relating to marijuana/cannabis vaporisation and the temperature/flavonoids/terpenes contained in the natural herb/flowers - do you do a flavonoid run? Do you vape at significantly lower temperatures compared with cannabinoids to enjoy the profile of the dry herb itself over the effects of actual cannabis?

I have tried hemp infused with terpenes. It gave me a strange feeling in my lungs/chest. I'm more concerned with natural herbs over added ingredients - much like the lavender mentioned above.

I tried earlier around 280F in the Mighty and then stepping up to 390F.

It was very enjoyable and I did feel like I got more flavour/effects out of the herb- it just seemed to prolong my session and effects with the added flavour.

Sometimes I vape for flavour and other times I vape for effect so I'm trying to find a nice balance between the two. I've even been looking in to other herbs and substances to mimic the effects of cannabinoids.

I've searched in here and other forums/search engines and thought this would be an interesting topic. Does anyone purely vape for the enjoyment of the flavour of these herbs or are we all here for the sole vaporization of cannabis? It seems with the stigma that's related to cannabis that there could be combinations of herbs/terpene profiles that would alleviate some symptoms? Again I would like to steer way from adding extracts to herbs and instead discovering combinations that nature provide us with such as Basil, Chamomile and Lavender. Why mess with nature when it's staring you right in the face.

In short - skywalker OG at 280F give or take was beautiful. Fruity vapour but not massive clouds but that wasn't what I was going for. I don't think many cannabinoids boil/vape at this temp. Do you do this or do you just go for cannabinoids (314/5F= THC) This seemed to prolong my session and the effects.

I guess this boils down to why you're here on these forums and preference. Everyone will be different and I also have different moods/reasons for consumption (to relax, to sleep, to boost creativity) Why are you here?Why do you vape? What do you love about vaping? The taste is an absolute bonus for me over smoking spliffs - or at least the after taste (not having a mouth like an ashtray)


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I mostly use my Vapcaps these days - through water you get a pretty pure taste of whatever you're vaping but it's true that I have nothing like the temperature control of other, electronic vaporizers. When I use the DaVinci Ascent I do "do a flavonoid run" . Typically 157,160,180,195,205°C Then I dump what you'd imagine to be worthless ABV into the Vapcap and get 2 or 3 killer hits there too :D
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You know, I use a toasty top log vape, and it's always on, and very low temp. I use it around 9v, but full blast is 12v. It is definitely for flavorful than when I do it higher, but sometimes I turn off the log vape, like when I'm leaving the house for a while. Then when I get home I turn it back on a little higher, and start using it right way, and since it's lower heat, I use a shorter stem.
Yeah, it really brings out the flavor doing this. I have considered lowering my temperature even more and getting two big pulls instead of 1 from each bowl. I agree with you about the smell of some quality weed. Sour diesel is one of those scents for me. Mmmm mmm good. And funky, and harsh, and complex as hell.

I use my vapcap in a similar way as @Ricardo with my avb, but usually later in the day. It takes the golden brown avb and milks the vapor from it. I usually go through water to minimize the taste and harsh heat when using my vapcap like this. Lately I've been using my mistvape essence to finish off my avb, and I feel I have more control over temp earlier than with the vapcap, plus it's instant.

One option with a lower temp run is to not up the temp again, but run a second session with the bowl at the same temp. It will take a little longer to go through the bowl than if you took the temp up a little each time. The flavor stays better keeping it low too

Welcome to the site. Great first post.
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I love getting the most terps out any vape session. There was a period where I experimented with vaping at a low temperature, however I haven't done this recently for two primary reasons:
1. Not all terps boil off at a low temperature
(On some strains I find that I get better/fuller flavor at 190c compared to anything under 180c)
2. I prefer sometimes to finish it all in one hit, rather than have the next hit be less flavorful,
i'd rather get that whole spectrum of terps upfront in that first hit.

One thing i'd strongly recommend is vaping whole nugs unground if you're a flavor chaser.
This is something I find myself doing often, though you will have to grind it up after to get everything out of it but the first hits are amazing if you have super resinous material.


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I find myself chasing the flavour at low temps on my Mighty, it's yummy . I'm also looking into alternatives herbs to vape for flavour and health benefits. Even considered making non-cannabis blends, well maybe a touch of cannabis.

Anyway, it's early days and the research has just begun :) but there's an amazing world of potential out there :)


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Hello! I am just the opposite. A few years ago I would step up temps chasing for that perfect flavour but I always found something lacking. My experience has driven me to making micro loads and extract everything in one or two powerful hits because I love all the bits of flavour, the sweet ones and the bitter ones all at once.


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Thanks for the input all. Some interesting points here. I'm sorry this is a crappy reply but I'm on late shifts this week and very tired.

Love hearing everyone's different habits/techniques. I guess I am a bit of a flavour chaser but when I compare my vaping experience to smoking any flavour I get from my vapourizer is better.

Unground nugs -I need to do this more often. Also agree with the full flavour extraction with a few hits. I think the key is flexibility here.

I've never had the pleasure of a dab. I've been very fortunate to find a 'new guy' recently but before that I just got what I got. No name, hit and miss could be a nice big bud one week then shake like the next. Now I get a strain name and it's consistently bang on. I'll see if new guy can get me some concentrate. Either that or I guess my metal worker friend could make me a small press.

Evening it's not a direct cannabis replacement flavour wise I've been using a hemp tea blend with lemon verbena. Very enjoyable. It's made me look at things very differently. I'm looking for some organic green tea now. Apparently rose petals are good to vape too. I've read that sage is a little intoxicating.

One thing I'm concerned about is combustion temperature for herbs. From what I've found not many sources state the combustion temperature of other herbs. I know one sage or rosemary or another I can't remember but there is a warning about temperature. I'm looking in to this because when I use lavender I usually turn up pretty high. A lot higher than the recommended temperature but if I'm mixing then lavenders recommended temperature would be too low for the other herb.

Thanks again for the replies. I'll try to be more thorough and try some suggestions in the next few days
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