1. Some-new-user

    Okay a question for moderate/advanced vapers - do you do a 'flavonoid run'

    Hello all! This is my first question/sole post so I'll give a small introduction and then my main question. I've been vaping just over 6 months - I have had experience of vaping before this but I still combusted in the process. I bought a Mighty after being fed up and suffering an ear...
  2. ganjapharma

    Clear Ptfe hybrid from Oilslick...what is it?

    https://www.instagram.com/p/BQyTylHjJwf/ Oilslick has a new Ptfe packaging that's clear. They say is modified with another similar fluoropolymer to make it clear and more nonstick. Got samples on the way figured I'd ask here too. Any ideas? .20 each is more than they charge for the...
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