1. V

    The cheapest online Vape store?

    Need you recommendations!
  2. lokiki

    Quitting combustion thanks to vaping

    Hey everyone, as the title may speak for itself. I have been smoking for 12+ years and revently discovered vaping. Needlessly to say it's been so much better than combusting, the effects, the taste and most important the health benefits! A blind man can see clearly now :p I've used to...
  3. simplywonderful

    best tips for vape device and temps for vaping PG?

    Hi people I would like to buy something that would be on the budget side but still means quality, Im quite concerned about lead contaminants on carts. Im in eu, so I would either prefer genuine carts or some kind of vape. I got couple ml of this 1g/1ml ratio pg infusion I would appreciate your...
  4. W

    Trying to solve congestion issue from vape carts

    I have been smoking weed now for several years, I have tried about every method available and I have stuck with vape carts for the longest time. Until the last couple of months or so, I have never really experienced debilitating congestion but holy hell one nostril has been plugged like 60-100%...
  5. Bearded エーティーエム

    Help & Opinions on 3 DHgate Glass Bongs?!

    What's up everyone? Looking for a good fun Glass Bong to use with all my Portable Vaporizers (Tera, POTV One, future DynaVap ect) it's out of these 3 pieces that I've heard all good things. 1. SAML GLASS Matrix Sidecar...
  6. Summer

    Discontinued Splinter Z by RBT

    I asked Ryan last week if it was OK to start a thread for the Splinter Z & he said yes, but I figured I'd wait a bit. Well, thanks to @kuzko posting on the Splinter thread that the Zs are now up for sale, it's time. Here's an informative...
  7. M

    New to vaping, need some guidance

    So i'm not sure if i'm posting this in the right place, but if i didn't i hope mods can move it to the right one. I also know that the questions might have been answered before, but i've tried searching around and reading different posts and forums for about a month now but i'm no closer to...
  8. G

    Strange feeling in throaght after vaporizing?

    Hello I have been vaporizing cannabis for a little over 2 years it is my preferred method of consuming. Although every time I vape I get like this thick spit or phlem in the back of my throaght. It feels like a ball of it in my throaght. Everytime I try to swallow it it comes back up shortly...
  9. nsfnotthrowingaway

    Any vapes in 2019 with all glass isolated air and vape path

    Hello everyone. I'm new here, hope I posted this in the right place. I tried the search function, but I couldn't find anything recent on the topic. I was hoping to find a vaporizer that has no compromises as far as materials go, and isolating the vapor path from electronics. Convection is...
  10. R

    Vape Pen Siezed USPS

    HI I AM IN A BIT OF A PANIC. I LEFT 1/2 a pax pen in my hotel in Texas. The hotel shipped it to me and called to say it was siezed in Texas via USPS. I addamently claimed that was not mine and they must have sent the wrong one because mine was tobacco. I live in NC and have never been in trouble...
  11. Duncan MacLeod

    Your most effective vape

    What do you find to be your ‘most effective’ vaporizer? For those of you who find themselves wanting larger doses, what do you reach for? I love my e-nano but feel I need something that may deliver more in less time.
  12. J

    Confused about combustion temperature

    First I'll start by stating that I'm mostly interested in vaping concentrate at this time. I read one article saying that anything above 365 degrees was combustion, but the flowerpot, which seems to get some hype on this forum, heats dabs far above that (they recommend above 600 degrees to...
  13. 2

    New portable vape -advices-

    Hi guys ! I'm looking for a new portable vape. Everyday, I use my vapcap m since 6 months, it's cool but I would like to go on an electric vape. I'm looking for a vape less than 110$. I vape about 40 minutes a day. I prefer quick inhales (not restricted), good taste and thick vapor (as...
  14. 2

    Vaping CBD e juice?

    So right now i'm using a voopoo drag mod and i'm using cbd e juice i'm currently running it at 45 watts and 220 degrees Fahrenheit is this a good or am i wasting my cbd? newbie if anyone has any recommendation those would be appreciated. My mod
  15. CauseBurn

    The Herb Cafe AMA, Monday, October 8. • r/CanadianCannabisLPs

    Fuck Combustion is the website for vapourizer discussions and The Herb Cafe is known as one of the most reliable destinations online for vapourizer equipment. The owner of The Herb Cafe is holding an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on the Reddit group "Canadian Cannabis LPs". Come join the discussion...
  16. Some-new-user

    Okay a question for moderate/advanced vapers - do you do a 'flavonoid run'

    Hello all! This is my first question/sole post so I'll give a small introduction and then my main question. I've been vaping just over 6 months - I have had experience of vaping before this but I still combusted in the process. I bought a Mighty after being fed up and suffering an ear...
  17. theduckopera

    Is the Prism+ right for me?

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a new wax/concentrate vape, but my needs are pretty specific. --I'm bedbound so it has to be light, portable and easy to use rather than a big rig, like I think an e-nail is out. I've been using an Arizer Solo since 2014 and I love it but it's time for a dedicated...
  18. iloveCBD

    Refill Stiiizy pods and save money vaping!

    I vape frequently. I average 1 gram every 4 days. I needed to find a way to reduce the cost of Stiiizys because I loved their pods and strong THC oil. I was able to successfully refill my Stiiizy pods with other cheaper yet just as strong and sometimes stronger distillate oils from other brands...
  19. D

    New to vaping, totally blocked with simple questions!

    Lol, like I was delivered into this life without the instruction manual. Everything that you don't even think about how to do, I am stuck and usually doing the wrong thing! :D Please do the right thing and help a friend in need! So, I bought a Mighty and some sweet nugs. Questions: 1. The...
  20. C

    best vape for my asthma

    VapeXhale EVO is my favorite desktop vape! This vape provides huge strong pure clean hits. The connection is a 18male and does not require the whole setup if on a budget! I also love that you can also pack little bowls They also have a glass nail adapter to do torch less dabs and provides so...
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