1. DJ Colonel Corn

    How to change User label.

    Hey vapers, I found it about a month or 2 ago.......... but can't for the life of me find it now. See where it says 'The Vapor Ninja' under my Username, DJ Colonel Corn ? Eh..... HOW do i change that ? Like i said, found it somehow recently but have exhausted myself trying to find it again...
  2. Some-new-user

    Okay a question for moderate/advanced vapers - do you do a 'flavonoid run'

    Hello all! This is my first question/sole post so I'll give a small introduction and then my main question. I've been vaping just over 6 months - I have had experience of vaping before this but I still combusted in the process. I bought a Mighty after being fed up and suffering an ear...
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