How many TRUE combustion-fuckers?

How many TRUE combustion-fuckers?

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It's eight months now since I've stopped combustion. After increasing my consumption, I'm in a new phase since I've got my on-demand convection vapes (P80 and TM). These devices are so powerful... I'm growing weed since this winter too, and my weed is really better and far stronger than dealer's stuff.

Adding these two facts, my consumption have decreased much more than I ever thought possible. I'm now vaping something like 0.1g/day, sometimes less. I only fill the bottom of a basket screen with weed, half a basket is a big hit, a full basket is just too much, especially before bedtime, it makes my heart bolting, and it's not a sensation I'm actually enjoying.

Was planning to grow twice a year, but once will be more than enough for my missus and I. She's still smoking though, she's a real tobacco-addict, but while I used to be the big weed consumer, she's now consuming more than me.


my daily driver is a solo2 — but every once in a blue moon, my buddy from okla will make some hash available to me.
when he does i get to enjoy a few hits out of my bubbler. this happens maybe 6 time a year. oh and of course, i generally won’t back away from a fattie being passed either.
i can’t handle any more than that as i am now a confirmed combustion lightweight. 98% vape.


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A few days ago, I pulled out the bong; I couldn't even get one hit. Smoke tastes like shit.

I've never liked smoking. Having the neighbours complain about the smell, was a fortunate incident. It forced me to find an alternative. Vaping shatter/wax did nothing for me. Dry herb vaping on the other hand has changed my life. No more couch-lock.




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While I'll probably never turn down a smoke, I pretty much never get out any of my combustion pieces anymore, my two vapes share 99% of my use. There are a couple pieces I wish I could use more regularly, but both the inefficiency and harshness of smoking is such a huge turnoff.


No combustion for me because so many of you pushed for vape rights and cannabis rights. Thank you!
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