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I wouldn't say a g is that high, wasn't that long ago I was a g+1\2 on a bad day and a g on a good day. Back then I'd take 2 ml and my oil has always come somewhere between 20-30mg/ml so a 40-60mg dose and I'd be pretty ripped especially if I was also vaping. So I don't think 100mg shouldn't affect you at all but then again I'm not your liver?!? Ask him he'll know :lol: hope you have better luck but sounds like your stuff is all oil and no THC :(
I think you're right. I started to feel it when I took 4 - 50 mg caps. I should be melting at 200mgs. Damn crooks.


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My mct oil arrived recently so I am all set to make this tincture. I know my ratio is 1g of shatter to 30ml of mct oil. I want to make sure I do this correctly.

I'll put the gram of shatter in a pyrex bowl and put it in the oven set at 240F for 45 minutes or until any bubbling ends. I'll let it cool a bit, but while it is still warm I would add a gram of liquid sunflower lecithin and mix it in well, then mix in the 30ml of mct oil.

Does anyone notice any glaring mistakes? Much thanks.
Finally got to make this yesterday. My decarb ended up at 245F for 35 minutes. The only slight problem was the mixing of ingredients. I added the lecithin to the warm decarbed shatter no problem. When I added the room temp mct oil, the shatter did not mix in. The BHO hardened into a thick clump and was stuck to the stirring rod I was using. I decided to give the whole mix a few seconds in the microwave to warm it all up. After about 20 sec the mct oil heated up a bit and the BHO mixed in well.

1 ml should be around 25mg but it's all based on estimation. I had no idea of the actual THC concentration of the shatter so as I've read here, I guestimated it at 750mg per gram.
Took 0.5ml this afternoon and didn't feel much beyond maybe a little head warming. Just took about 0.8mg in my second attempt, and made sure I held it under the tongue for 2 minutes.
After about 20 minutes I was feeling pretty chill.
So far, so good. :tup:
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