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Thanks! Yeah that is one long-ass injector :)
If you can produce an 18/14 injector bowl that‘s got less vertical height and works with these 18mm injectors, I’m here for it. I honestly don’t think the herborizer bowl needs that much distance to the screen, I’d like a little less and be able to just reduce the temperature a bit. But that’s just me.

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If you can produce an 18/14 injector bowl that‘s got less vertical height and works with these 18mm injectors, I’m here for it. I honestly don’t think the herborizer bowl needs that much distance to the screen, I’d like a little less and be able to just reduce the temperature a bit. But that’s just me.
When I look at this video that Abele posted
the herb is pretty damn close to the heater nozzle so if the bowl was any shorter it would be a problem.
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Herbo can work well with just enough ammount to cover the ss screen
This is my use case, around .1g - or a bit less. It tends to go like one big hit, shake the bowl and then a clean-up hit. I also prefer the regular bowl to the microcode bowl, even though I use microdose-to-smallish amounts. That wide surface area works well with a variety of loads, I guess.


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Indeed it can rise tolerance but it all depends on the ammount you load and the times you RE load :lol: To avoid overwhelming highs (what is that?) and rise of tolerance, you can also space your sessions hit by hit. Long live pure convection. I got a 18mm glass stopper from "Stony lab", lab glass brand on amazon so in between hits I can cap the bowl for better conservation of herb.


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I’ve been tickling lately with the idea of acquiring a Herborizer. I must admit the idea is quite dreamy as the device has been a long time coveted for me.

I come with a question regarding my possible peculiar use case and the suitability of the Herborizer, and its accessories for me and my use.

In most cases I would prefer to use the device to get big hard hitting hits,
on small amounts of material. I have a low tolerance, and most of the time don’t really enjoy or seek to have extreme effects.

My worry is the ability of the Herborizer to give satisfying hits on small amounts. Every vape I own and have used gives far less satisfactory hits with small amount. The degree of quality of the hits depend on the device, but the lack of fullness in the hit, and the obvious shift in quality and satisfaction feeling is very noticeable.

I’m much less a scientist than many of you, but I believe a large part of this dissatisfactory feeling is due to the change in air to herb ratio. The hits simply become less vaporus, and more airy.

Looking at the Herborizer bowl I think this feeling I am trying to avoid would happen with a small amount of herbs. Unless the heater is powerful enough to overcompensate.

Based on logic, my experience, as well as my reserch (I have read most of this thread) I believe the outcome I fear is more likely to be the truth.

I have watched many videos, and the largest fullest hits seem to be with largely packed bowls.

I did not say above but I am not looking for magic. I only want 1 hit out of my small bowls. I just want it to be a satisfying hit, not an airy, lesser than experience.

I don’t want to do large packs and hit over time, as that time spam might be days which degrades experience.

There are the two microdose options offered by Herborizer. I am wondering what the contemporary opinion on them is.

Based on my research most users seemed to prefer the standard bowl for a microdose.

I think the small microdose bowl was unliked with the glass plug, and then mostly liked modded with a standard screen instead. However It never seemed wildly popular and I am unsure on that configuration compared to the standard bowl for microdoses.

Then there was the reducer setup which the desgin seemed to have been praised, but there really wasn’t enough info for me to draw any sort of conclusion on its performance.

To me both designs look like they attempt to improve microdose performance but also seem to add a layer of clunk compared to the elegance of the standard bowl setup.

I do play with the idea of buying both to test for myself, however they, and everything in the Herborizer store are very expensive so I would love to limit extra costs.

To conclude…

I very much like the Herborizer and it speaks to me. I am a low tolerance user who wants a full experience satisfying hit on a small amount of material which will be spent in one hit.

my questions are:

How is the experience of the Herborizer with small amounts of material? Especially in regards to the satisfaction of a hit on a small load compared to a regular or large one?

How are the 2 microdose options offed by Herborizer?

How do they compare to just using a small amount in the standard bowl?

Thank you very much, it has been informative and entertaining to read this thread the past few days.


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Hey @namasteIII

In my experience it does work pretty much the same way if you just cover the screen (0.06gr aprox) vs the normal amount I load which is 0.2gr, just enough herb to reach the lower section of the bowl handle. Difference between these two methods is basically number of hits per bowl (4 max when loading 0.2gr, 2 max loading 0.06gr) and also length of your first draw or length of pre heat (which I like to keep at 15 sec max). You can produce same amount of vapor with a shorter draw and pre heat period when loading 0.2gr.
Video shows 0.06 gr of herb (just enough to cover the screen) with the standard bowl, PID at 420C and15 sec pre heat. Possible to squeeze another hit from that bowl.
Ref micrfodose options I have never needed them so can´t help with that..

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@Mustang the color is the usual titanium oxide.
The protective layer, unlike copper..

The best is to fix it right away, with an high burn off, for couple minutes (500C - 1000F, 10 dial if you got TI).

It will take purple/grey nuances.
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