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Sounds like something smells purple.
The new herborizer transformer costs less than the seperate transformer and controller did, but you can use the controller on its own with a car adaptor(12 volt battery).
Apart from that the new one looks more practicle and has glowing numbers! Hopefully he will still do the controller for those who want it, although i suspect the circuit could be made easy enough if you can use a soldering iron. (for soldering, not for vaping!)
I like the simplicity of the old analogue one, temperature readouts are not accurate to what the bowl temperature is with, I like the ATM, but prefere my benchtop power supply. Doesnt come in purple but you can get a 30 volt 10 amp power supply for less than £45.00 / $50 or Euros on Amaholezon.con, only downside it is a bit bigger.
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Sounds like something smells purple.
My variable bench top power supply -

You will never need another dc transformer again....just dont set the voltage too high. It is worth learning some basics about electricity and how to safely use a benchtop power supply, the learning curve is not too bad.
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Thanks. It came in today via herborizer. Unfortunately the glass is damaged.

The glass I ordered from you (the replacement glass for the injector stand) was damaged as well by the way.

I love my herborizer but from the issues with the glass I am beginning to doubt if the company loves their product as well. It's just shoddy and disrespectful to their customers.

Hello! So sorry to read your shattered glass misadventure! Did you reach our customer service?

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Sounds like something smells purple.
Thanks. It came in today via herborizer. Unfortunately the glass is damaged.

The glass I ordered from you (the replacement glass for the injector stand) was damaged as well by the way.

I love my herborizer but from the issues with the glass I am beginning to doubt if the company loves their product as well. It's just shoddy and disrespectful to their customers.
Thats frustrating on all counts. I had an issue with my herborizer ti when i got it, I got in contact and they sorted it out, but i bought it direct from them. Had to make something else to use in the mean time. Need it for medical reasons. There is another issue with the herborizer but im sure they will sort that out too. Smaller companies that make products can take a bit longer to deal with issues but as long as they do I think its better to support them especially if the product has longevity, alot of vapes seem very throwaway, same with far too many products.
But its very annoying when little things are not quite right with something.

No I don't blame you guys or anything and it's still functional. Replacing it would be wasteful, but thanks for reaching out here
Nice way of thinking. True gentleman. ( going by the avatar, forgive my assumption if wrong)
Incase you hadnt thought to do this, ( i suspect you already know but it may be usefull for others)
Where the top outer edge of the injector sleeve is damaged could be smoothed off with 400 grit or higher abrasive paper, if you do smooth it off it needs to be done in water or under a gently running tap. You can hold the abrasive paper flat on the bottom of a sink, abrasive stuck to a lolly stick works well, or use a diamond grit knife sharpener. Always do it wet. To stop dust glass. Be gentle so as not to damage fingers or glass. Go slow.
If it gets jammed again you could try smearing a little bees wax round where the 2 pieces join and gently heat the female part only,(in a cup of boiling water, level shouldnt be as high as the bottom of the male joint), leave it for a minute, then use tongs to hole the male portion under cold water. then repeat. I wouldnt freeze it beforehand first,At least till i hit frustration point, I think too big a temperature change could still stress the glass even if it doesnt break it.
Bees wax should seep into the joint, hot expansion/cold contraction will help free it too. Avoid bees dicks, they explode.


Above - My solution for a stand.... the metal thing is a test tube clamp, it needs to be at 45 degrees to the injector, then it doesnt knock the side of the jar. Best with some pebbles in the bottom. I let my bong water offgas chlorine in it before using, to give the jar more stability. The longer test tube clamps are better for mugs/glasses. I will post a better pic so people can see what i mean with a mug. Makes for a good,low cost, temporary solution. Or a great permanent bodge job. I will be making a more elegant solution. when i get rid of my square toits and get a round one.
No worries about it sticking in the stand. The test tube clamp was less than £1.50, the empty pasata jar meant having to make pasta for tea....
There are normaly short lengths of silicone tube where the clamp contacts the handle and the tip faces the other way to avoid branding myself. MMMmmmmmm the smell of pork ribs......
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Sounds like something smells purple.
Stable, no sticking in the stand, slightly higher risk of branding yourself (if your not careful) than the proper injector stands but low cost.
You could use anything to weigh the cup down, if i had the money i would fill it with rubies, sapphires and Silicone carbide balls, but marbles, pebbles , sand, mud, the fresh bones of politicians who have lied, will do just as well.... although that last one could lead to a world shortage of politicians, i hear trolls like bones, and theres meant to be lots on the internet.. Id prefere rubies.


The longer handled clamps are better for arthritic fingers, easier to grip and operate. Also very good for gripping adaptor bowls. They live on mine pretty permanently.

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Sounds like something smells purple.
realised i left something out, not any thing to do with bee genitals, but if you use bees wax to free joints up by smearing it round the joint and heating the bottom piece of glass gently(apparently lipm balm works too), make sure you clean it off afterwards.

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I got me a herborizer microdose bowl for my B0 a while ago. Precision work! I think this is my most precise bowl. I like it, but haven't used it yet:lol:
Now I need a rig with a correct joint, or I am going to break this bowl on a cheap uneven joint.
I also want to get a screen that fits perfectly.
This bowl has a little bump on the inside of the handle that I personally find annoying, but maybe it has a purpose with the herborizer or something.


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If its new and changed color to some bronce tone thats totally normal behaviour for Titanium. It should not impact taste at all. Or is it visibly bubbly oxidized? Got pictures maybe?
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Sounds like something smells purple.
My Ti heater cover oxidized. I left it on 9iish for whole day. It decreased taste by far. How can I restore it ?
If you mean it has turned grey due to high heat, (it goes grey after higher temperatures than blue).you can remove the built up oxide layer with high grit ceramic abrasive paper and alot of elbow grease. Working up to finer grits from lower makes it easier . Someone at Herborizer suggested steel wool but that would take even longer.
Remove the titanium heat core/heater cover first. Make sure you thoroughly clean it when you finish, before using it. Beware of fine dust. It may take some time.
Then when you heat it again, it rebuilds the oxide layer to the maximum temperature colour you normaly run it at.
Shouldnt make a difference to the taste.
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Hey there, Herborizer owner. Even at low temps, vaporizing flower is irritating my throat. I've gone back to low-temp dabs and am considering selling my Herborizer Ti analog to fund investment in an enail and glass.

It's in excellent clean condition, has the Sphere glass, extra bowls, extra injector covers, cleaner beaker and stopper, and all the original stuff it came with. Any thoughts on what would be a fair asking price to ship in the US?
i know this is old but use warm water. Completely changed the way I vaped


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Hey there,
i have a technical question:
when buying the heating element only or the regular analog version - is it possible to hook it up to a 3rd party pid controller? If so, which one would do the job?
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