Herbie V2 by Vape Engineering - 510 dry herb vaporizer


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Did anyone try a big spiral coil (2nd row, on the left side) that is as close to the screen as possible (without touching the screen ofc) and that is BIGGER than the chamber itself? I think it should give decent results.

I keep thinking about how I have to try to set mine up, and install Alan's Galaxy coil, I never even cleaned mine to get ready for use yet!
It should work, let us know!

If anyone is into this one I'll send them mine free of charge because I think I'm not to handy or knowledgeable on coils and oms and such to get her to where she needs to be. Just shoot a pm to me:tup:
I'd love to try to make it work!
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David Root

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I used 2 coils in an X with 9 winds each. Top one was larger. Both used the same length of wire
(they have to)

Set on SS, you can draw for ever. 30 seconds, as hard or slow as you want using a good mod.
I have terrible luck with the Wismec. Others work great on temp control with the 316 SS home made coils.

I still have the little deflector inside. If I take it out, it becomes a combustible fucker.

Using a stem pod, or B1



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I totally forgot I even had this thing until I knocked over the Pico it’s screwed into. GOD I wanted this thing to work flawlessly or at least Stempod-quality. I got a good hit about 10% of the time. And it wasn’t worth the stirring or the S&B capsule loading etc. Just too much work when you can get a perfect hit from so many other convection vapes now like the Tinymight etc. It was just clear that the creators of the Herbie 1 abs V2 are people who don’t use marijuana themselves at all, which is a fact. They put the marshmallow too close to the campfire. I went through a good 60 of those SS mesh screens that make a couple coils each and no consistency.


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Hope it's okay for me to post here. Here's another coil design I've tried, this one mesh.

I really liked it at first. It was very hard to make it glow, which was my favorite thing about it. It was hard getting an even roast on wattage, I don't even bother with TCR anymore. I feel like it could work well if you all want to try dialing in the TCR.
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