HerbalTherm 3TM Cooling Stem for VapCap


Green Thumb
Good to see the upbeat and positive vibe is still alive here on FC!.... and hope I can bring the same positive energy to the new forum 9n herbaltherm.com

If you read Shitsnacks cut and past.... its a beta unit and access to an exclusive private IG, videos and being part of the product design process to optimize the beta and then recieve the final product with a gift package.... the balls is just a starting point and a helical path glass is the real design. The idea is that a couple of standard sized shell will make way to many cool designs for the internals.

Yes, $350 for 2 units at $150 and a change to do something real rather than just criticize on FC.... so my plan to keep the negative freeloaders away with charging for beta seems to work :)

Special thanks to the 4 folks who already grabbed a seat in the first 24 hours.... only 5 seats left so doesn't appear there will be a problem getting the rest sold .... at $350
This has aged well 😂
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