Halo by Cloud Connoisseur (iDB)

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Milaana. Lana. LANA. LANAAAA! (TM2/TP80/CC/FW7/OAB
Alright the Eagle has landed
But… No power supply included with these bad boys?
I expected this thing to be like a full package ready to go, I’m striking out all over these days. Should of asked more questions.

Can one of you fine peoples bless me with a link for what I need to power this new baby, never used a voltage controller before.

hurry up and wait some more I guess, lol.

Yeah I believe this may be the one he'd include had you ordered it witt your Halo:

But agree you'd be best off with an ATM from Red if you can take the extra cost...


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Thanks guys!
I’m really impressed with the wooden bowl
the craftsmanship is really nice, and it’s a thick boy
I think I want a couple more bowls in different wood types!


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Beautiful new Halo you got there. Love mine. In fact tine to plug it in for a side-by-side with the Angus!


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Okay I have been putting this badboy to work the last two days, getting it dialed in.

Its real nice, I think I like it better than the expensive ball vape I have. Seems easier to dial in without combusting. Halogen heat is a vape style I have been missing out on.
nice fluffy clouds. I’m running over 9v but this vvps seems to drift a lot. Probably will buy a better model.
reminds me of doing “solar hits” with magnifying glass in the summer when I was young lol.

looking at that atlas now, lol

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Milaana. Lana. LANA. LANAAAA! (TM2/TP80/CC/FW7/OAB
New batch going out very soon!
Including this new beauty for me:

Orange Agate wood with Cobalt glass...

^matching wood bowl on left, and curly mango wood bowl on the right :brow::cool:

There was a bit of shipping confusion, but I finally have these in my hands and they are all glorious!! Orange Agate Cobalt Halo:

Photos cannot do it justice at all...

The OA and Mango bowls are incredible:

Gorgeous live edge (forget wood) stand:

Getting ready to test out with glass bowls after 9 volt (~12.4 watt) 20 minute burn off:

Edit: settled in at 8.37 volts / 10.93 watts for now, this one sits a little higher in my joints, the cobalt glass is very nice, solid, even, and thick... Great mid temp level extraction with current set up, excited to test much more!
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Milaana. Lana. LANA. LANAAAA! (TM2/TP80/CC/FW7/OAB
Well I like this vape very much, had to use something else that was new, but could not take it anymore and am back on the Halo honeymoon yet again!

The Good Vibes Boro bowls are fantastic, I got another new one I am loving very much with my Cobalt Halo, also have a variety of nice herbs now, finally with boveda packs so I'm hoping I can get even more flavor successfully chased...

This one was a broken handle Biao Q bowl that GVB attached a broken Chinese bowl horn to with a bunch of salvage stuff I sent:

New RickBirdBarry drop-down too:

This is the newest GVB bowl:

FYI some bowls available at GVB now:
Yeah there's also actually a thread in the glass section for these bowls...
My favorite come from here:

But cloud connoisseur wood bowls are pretty perfect for ideal extraction despite lack of glass despite lack of glass
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