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Oh No! Mr macbill!!
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Fuck you all that got snow. We are half our seasonal average and that makes business down. Having to crawl out of a 1.3m hole cause of lack of snow. Fuck this weather.
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Might be time to seriously re-evaluate your biz plan, if you are betting over a million dollars annually on the weather.
Well when the biz is snow removal. You have to have snow to work. Overall we did okay. Just missed budget numbers. As a company we will make it up this lawn season no doubt about that.

Edit to add c-ebita is down 1.53 so a little worse off.
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Fuck demand-based concert ticketing.
I heard today that a 'decent' seat for the Bruce Springsteen tour went for over $3,000. Not thru scalpers, but on day one of ticket sales.
And Fuck Bruce Springsteen for allowing it, for making his show only for the rich folks to "enjoy".


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Another problem is... even if an artist wants a low ticket price, Ticketmaster's stranglehold on ticketing and venues in the US often makes it impossible.

They more than doubled the price of tickets for The Cure with stupid fees. How the fuck can a $20 ticket cost more than $40?

Fuck Ticketmaster with a rusty spoon!

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Yeah and fuck everyone who got in line for BAKx ,i hate you as much :D ! Pushy motherfuckers ,you didnt let the old man get in line,i broke my mouse pressing those add to cart buttons,i didnt know we had so many olympic clickers here,in case you dont know it ,you are supposed to be slow and disoriented ,you are a shame to the stoner community .I grew old watching lamart doing the magic , even contributed so the tuboX concept can exist, now i have to watch you from the sides having fun and praising the functions :D.
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