FC Meet up?


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There is a surprisingly high concentration of users on FC from Ontario and surrounding area. California too, but Ontario is my preference as I, you know, live there - and there are some really good places to meet up like the Vapor Lounge in Toronto where we can all vape without worry and nobody has to play host.


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Tweek, sounds like my taint may be the perfect place for you....


Oh, you said Daaank. Thought you said rank......
Nope,there is only one place for a group like us. Colorado baby! Centrally located,LEAGAL WEED!
I got 27 acres,in the mountains,where no one can hear the screams.
Did I mention all marijuana and THC type stuff is FUCKING LEGAL,and they are considering lifting the ban on cannibalism,it's just such a victimless crime...:evil:


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hey bro,
you got a basement?? sadly I can only go where there is a basement.

I need somewhere is park my 12yr old I found a while back.
You cant just let them wander around you know!:tup:

Kids these days need boundaries, and I find about 8ft of chain is perfect.

or you all could cmon down here? we could make a game of it!
Anyone who makes it to my house without being stung, mauled or eaten by the local wildlife can have a bong of the dorksters finest stash.



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