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had first used the tip with a no hole cocobolo EdStem, soft packed the load and immediately got the Best hit I‘ve ever experienced through the WS log. Yep, Period. Definitely recommendEd to get the tip for the WS Log Arsenal. Really surprised the bogezus out of us. I say taking down a full soft packed load with one fat pull puts WS right up there with the big boys.
Is the heater element in your WS anodized? I didn't think my WS needed ANYTHING, but now I am not so sure. That new bowl is real game changer. The polish on the inner surface that contacts the injector from the WS is a real improvement. Regular dynavap tips sometimes stuck to the heater injector from friction, especilly the new Ti tips, that threading pattern for the cap seems to love attaching itself to my WS heater.
I have had no issues at all with the new bowl sticking. Bigger load size is perfect for my wants/needs.
I picked up a secondhand Mango Woodscents about a month and a half ago. I think it had probably made its way through a couple of FC members. I really like it, but I didn't really connect with it until I got the new Thermal Extraction Chamber (new TI tip). Now I absolutely love it. The new tip seems perfectly made for the device. The tip that came with it would often get stuck on the heater and was sometimes a pain.

As you all know, the WS is unique. I am glad I picked it up. This weird little guy is probably the most restricted vape I own, but boy can it produce! Massive flavorful clouds at anywhere from 10 to 11.5 on the ATM.

Anyway, don't sleep on that new tip. It improved my WS enough that I think it should be the standard tip shipped with the device.
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I didn't really connect with it until I got the new Thermal Extraction Chamber (new TI tip). Now I absolutely love it.
oh. a new tip. your old tip used to get stuck on the heater? and it performs noticeably different? according to the website the chamber is larger - deeper or wider or both? just asking b/c i really like microdosing with mine, and that the ws works so well with so little material is one of the things i adore about it.
i usually preheat my tip before using, so there always is a bunch of conduction in the mix anyway. but i really love my woodscents, so i am intrigued. it is just a pain to find these things in europe, i might just have to wait until i order another woodscents from the source. which could happen? it nearly did 2021. maybe 2023. sooner or later. just need to catch the insta feed at the right time i suppose. and have the $$$ to spare then. but such a great vaporiser. i want more.

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has started making/selling cool log stems available now, specifically for the woodscents, also plenty of dynavap tip stems on the site too, go get em!
finally got my new bowl. i like it! it's defintely a much better value than Dyna's TiTip with its improved performance plus it came with extra screens and orings... i wasnt expecting that! noiice

a few pics for anyone curious...

I found the function of the new bowl to be much improved as well. I get a better more even roast with less stirring. My favorite improvement is the lack of friction between the new bowl and injector tip. I frequently pulled my cap off a stem or WPA trying to just remove the injector after a hit. This new one doesn't seem to hang up at all. It was the grooves on the 5 fin that caused a hangup or the grinder tip on an omni cap for me.
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