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Ah I suppose that works, just hope my vape doesn’t end up looking like Swiss cheese

edit: now I misplaced one of the cork pads but whatever I’ll order different ones.
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Be carefull if you rotate the plate that no screws will end in the plug socket in the nano (I did it a few month ago :/).
Also the plate is not so easy to center on the body, double check before you tighten the screws.


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This unit and my vapcaps are my favorite vapes. My problem is, with family members around, I can't leave a plug in unit out during the day. It was my DD for years when I could do that. One day it will shine again when the opportunity presents itself.

However, the last couple days I have been pulling it out at night :cool:and having some enjoyable and needed sessions. Just starting to get over a cold and trying to vape with the vapcaps and other stuff would set my throat on fire. But I drop that nano on top of a 18 inch bubbler and get such cool, tasty hits. Extraction at its finest and so easy on the insides. A true classic.


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Does EpicVape usually run a Black Friday sale? I see that other vendors are already offering a deal but I’d like to add the beaded stem and the discounted power cord upgrade.

I’m also impatient and I want to be one of you...


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I’d be curious about how people go about vaping concentrate with the e-nano. Do you just use hemp fibre?
Yes. You can use hemp fibre or cotton as a base. You can do this as well.

Great with concentrates​

The E-Nano does an exceptional job with concentrates. It doesn’t come with a concentrate insert, but a mesh insert like the POTV ONE Concentrate Pad fits the glass stems perfectly. Replace the basket screen in the stem with the concentrate pad, place a rice-grain size amount of material onto the pad, and have at it. The E-Nano’s efficiency had us vaping a whole load with just one long hit!

EpicVape E-Nano Review Glass Stem with POTV ONE Concentrate Insert
E-Nano GonG Attachment with POTV ONE Concentrate Insert
Hotter temperatures, such as 8 - 10 on the dial, yielded the best results, but the vapor can get too hot to use with the straight glass stem. If you also find it hot with concentrates, we recommend grabbing the E-Nano Adjustable GonG Stem, and using it with a bubbler.



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I almost exclusively vape through the adjustable gong these days so I just gotta find a good supplier for concentrate in Canada.

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