Dynacrafts Hand Made Wooden Stems For Dynavap


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I am loving my little Chani stem. I didn't need any sandpaper or adjustments, the 19M tip fit perfectly. It is nice, light, feels great in the hand when vaping. You can see that iridescence in the wood when you twirl it around. What kind of wood is the little Chani line?

If you like the joint-like experience that dynavaps offer then these stems won't dissapoint. Another thing I like is these stems are so light that the tip is the heaviest part. So when you pop it on the magnet of your IH is stays there quite well. I can almost turn my PSM sideways and it doesn't fall off. Other heavier stems teeter on that small magnet making it less stable.

Just as I expected, I don't miss having to hunt around for the carb hole anymore. For the last week I have been using it exclusively. A great stem and well worth the purchase.

Thanks @Rabid Kiwi!

@almost there that's a beautiful collection :tup:
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Yeah now I am just showing off.... Really I am testing the Gholas so I thought you all would like to see the pics. This one was from a Gurney I made for my self to test Mother Of Pearl Ghola effect. It is a dream.

This is the test for the house atreides Ghola.

This is a stilgar with that is a house atreides Ghola. It is really hard to take pic's of this effect.
This one has three effects, I call this the spice ghola. It will go from yellow to purple and is just wild. Most of them will not be this pronounced, I just did this to check how the pigments are reacting to each other.

@BabyFacedFinster The Chani Line is made from Macacauba from South America. The wood I found for that line had so much resin in it that I used heat to put the purple rings in. This is why the rings refract with the wood. Because they both have the same minerals in them, making them refract the light at the same angles. It is a wonderful wood to work with and my only wish was to find a better over grain pattern cut. But those were too dry and brittle for our use. Still it is a remarkable wood and finishes wonderfully.

@invertedisdead Glad to hear it. I am just happy that you all like all this stuff.

@almost there You have quite the collection growing. Looking Dapper My Fellow Puffer.

So shop day tomorrow. Making more teg and a few Jessica's and Leto's. Vote on the launch poll for Teg or not it is up to you. I am having a blast testing all this stuff, so stay tuned the weirdness will be in the store soon. So be ready for production pic's and update tomorrow and all that jazz. As always...

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Soooooo. I turned this into that. Still got a lot of that Wenge so there is that. I also found something when I was getting the stuff I need for the Ghola lines. I don't want to ruin it. So there is going to be another line releasing with the Teg launch.
That right there is my 4" of hell. The universe blessed me with a challenge and I stumbled, but I did it. I can not express how happy I am to be done with Wenge for a while. Like it is just, every step of the way it fights you. Not a little bit of fighting no no... It is fight for your life like Mr. Garrison is here to fuck you to death level of resistance. It is like the 2nd Terminator movie got genetically altered by using pissed off dragon dna, then bread for a generally dickish nature for billions of years, then let lose upon your hope and dreams... Only to thrash them asunder consume them then shit them on what use to be called your self esteem, and confidence. But I have a good amount of wenge left, and I am always up for a challenge. So we may yet see more of Teg.


What are those?????? The world may never know.... Well they will know here in a few days, or a week at the most. Do not forget to Vote for the Release time of the next line!!! ( click here to vote, or not. ) Uhh IDK if there was anything else. So I am going to start getting things ready to finish and get all this set up for you all on the 8th. As always.

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Nice work and very nice prices as well!

Ever think of doing a pipe shape? I've always thought something like that for the dynavap might be cool.

Thanks and uhh. Considering that I live in a illegal state, there is a HUGE kafkaesque rickamaroll that some one has to go through if they want to sell or manufacture pipes. Even for 'bacco, and they do not give it out to just any one... Well they do not give it out to any one at all now. So my CYA stuff that you need if you sell anything like this only allows me to make display units for art. It is even classified under an art code for customs. So because of all that I am very limited on shapes and styles. So it is a waiting game for my state to open up the requirements for small manufacturers like me. I have contacted my locals at the state level, but it is just going to take some time. It is still not very well accepted around here. I may even lose my job if they connect the dots on all this and place me with it. But I am a free man who understands the constitution, and that is how I live my life. I let my passions dictate my comings and goings, not my fear.

So while I would love to branch out, I am kind of in a holding pattern for a bit.

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Thought I would so off some of the Miles Teg line coming out next week. Not much to update just finishing the finish lolz.
These just are so nice. My only gripe is that there are more chip marks from where the wood is so brittle. Just a hard wood to work, but it is worth it.IMG_3604JPG.jpg
Just the grain alone is like an inverted old growth pine look. I know i am geeking out and all that but I really like how this wood finishes. I hate finishing it because it is an ever living nightmare to work on. But it is so worth it.

Even the slim ones are still just so nice.

I know what every one says about wenge, and for the most part they are correct. I mean it earns it's bad rep every step of the way. But if you pick the right cut, and really give it a go, it can be some of the most breath taking results. Granted it is all subjective. But I really like what I can make with wenge, but I loath working with the wood. Still it is up there on my Fav's because of the challenge, and the reward for stepping up to the challenge.

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@xtraclipsforxtrashit it is not that they do not allow it. They do not allow a license to sell it online. I could open a store front, or sale whole sale. But I can not get a license to do small batch manufacturing and selling of things like this online. I tried, for the budget and what I produce and how I sell it is impossible. Even more so if what you make is used mainly with a thing that is still illegal.

I know from the out side looking in it seems like I should just do it and see what happens. But if I lose my protection I lose the site I lose everything. Because my exposure is very high with being online I have to do everything by the book, or as close enough for it to slide by. I have already been kicked off of etsy, there are only a limited number of places I can go to sell with out raising prices. So yeah I could just start making pipes and all that jazz, then lose CC and paypal, then lose everything else and not be able to sell any more.

So I have to wait until I get a lot bigger ( I really do not see that happening ) or I get established enough, or restriction get lessened around my state. Again what the dynavap is mainly made and advertised for is still illegal in my state. This complicates things greatly. So I walk a tight rope of stupidity, because plausible deniability has it's limits, and I can not afford to test them.

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@TommyDee Yup that is correct. You can not make produce or use hemp in any product that will be smoked or inhaled. They have a medical bill in the works but it also excludes smoking/vaping. So there is that....

Just well I do not want you all to think bad about Kentucky. I love my state and the people here. But goddamn if people are not set in their ways here. It works both ways, so you got to take the good with the bad.

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@Rabid Kiwi No, definitely don't just start doing it for others sake. Sounds like you have the rules and regulations mostly figured out, good for you. Sucks that that is the way it is in some states still, ridiculous honestly. Keep up the good work and don't stress and everything will work out for you!

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This is a look at the mother of pearl Ghola from the Teg line.
Just nice and it is like a thing at the corner of your eye. If you look for it you really can't see it well, but you get hints of it every time you look at the stem.


These are just dreamy. But now off to the races tomorrow is a shop day. So lets answer some questions.

@Jill NYC Wenge is one of the hardest woods to work. Not by strength just by brittle and uneven grain/ uneven porous/ Large grain lifts exct. If it is a problem with working wood Wenge has it. I had quite a few just shatter apart because I put a little too much pressure on the wrong spot of the grain when turning and it just fractured like glass. The grain is like two different woods as well. So when finishing it you have a lot of unevenness that causes you to just start over. It even sands differently around the grain. It splinters really easily. But dear universe is it nice looking if you get the right grain.

@xtraclipsforxtrashit Yeah it is very surreal, why people just can't let other people live their life the way they want to is orbits past my sphere of understanding. Like I am only doing the 'Merica!! Fuck Yeah!! give away just as a big FU to the fact I can not sell things with carbs in them. I can go down to the gass station were they sell meth and crack pipes with carbs and that is ok, but if I want to sell art that has a hole in it. Nope that there is a line, I am a horrid person for trying to do that. I should be ashamed. Really I don't understand it, but I have to follow it. Dems De Knocks.

So what I am going to do in the shop tomorrow is work on the other line that is going to be released with the Teg. These will be sprinkled in for the next two weeks while I am getting the Duke and Lady lines up and ready.

I have a big order for some other wood working I have to do as well coming up, but that should not effect Dynacrafts that much. There are some people around here who do sloppy work and overcharge a shop owner I know. They do this because it is a faith based shop. Now I do not subscribe to... well any faith I guess, but I do not like seeing people taken advantage of just because they believe in something. So I am making them a bunch of wood working things to replace the con guys stock, and I may just keep them stocked up until they find some one else, or I break down and teach his son how to make the stuff. So here is a key chain as a demo I made for the owner.

You got light refraction around the cross as well that gives a splatted area a rainbow effect. Also fish shaped, I had to point that out to a few people so I guess I need to work on my fish outline. This is quality wood working, and I am kind of really upset at the other person for taking advantage of peoples faith. So I priced them at rock bottom, but dude may get mad if I say how much I am selling them to him for. But if they sell I will start making pens as well. If that happens then the faith people will help pay for the wood we use in Dynacrafts, meaning even more rarer woods with out price increases. More colors for gholas with out price increases. Fingers crossed for free shipping.

But that is a bit down the road, so lets not get a head of our selves. Right now the focus is on getting Teg launched with the surprise line. While I make a few of these in the middle. But Dynacrafts comes first. So if I run low on stock the other stuff is put on the back burner and I go crunch time to fill up on stock. So worry not my fellow puffers. My addiction to making and selling jaw dropping stems for rock bottom prices can never be sated.... As Always.

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Ok so the only pic I have for today is going to be the one on my IG. I got a bit overheated in the shop today, and I am suffering for it tonight. So everything is still on track, but I am not going to do the whole hype filled update. I start taking the pic's for the Teg line tomorrow, so you all will start to see the first batch of what is going into the shop for the monday drop. Looks like the poll got the drop time at 4:20 est. So like last time you will be able to see a preview here, then they will be up in the shop on Monday June 8th 4:20 pm EST.

Again sorry for the lack of razzmatazz and flair, I will be back to my old natural hype man in the wild self tomorrow. There are going to be around 20 units dropping on Monday, between Teg and the Surprise line.

Now I have to tell you all something and I do not know how to put it. UPS had stopped all my incoming packages "Due to civil unrest." USPS is still telling me they are all green for deliveries. IDK Fed EX, and DHL. So I have a supply problem, and considering most of the wood I use is grown outside of the country, let alone the county I live in, I may have to halt production. I have enough back stock of wood to last until the middle of July. But there may be a gap in Aug, because I ran out of wood. I do not just use any wood. I use top veneer cuts, this makes it a bit problematic, because I can not just go to the hardware store and pick it up. There are a few good rare wood suppliers around here, but they are going to have the same problem around the same time.

This may also effect shipments going out as well, so I am going to have to keep a close eye on all sales and track them. IIRC all of the oversea's orders got out before the Civil Unrest because most of those have to go through Chicago. Also I try to ship USPS as much as possible because they are quite dependable. None of my USPS packages have been held up. All of my UPS ones are delivery date TBA. So I am going to try and not ship anything UPS, because tbh I really do not know if they can get the job done.

Now I really do not want to talk about it more than that. I hope you can understand that I only told you all about it because it is going to effect Dynacrafts. I, like Dynacrafts, respect all people of all walks of life. We are all in this life together, and we are all that we have, we have to find a way to live together. There is only one race the Human race. Some people understand this, some people need a little bit more time. But if you feel you can only say it behind closed doors, then it need not be said. So please do not take my frustration as a sign of approval for any action that violates any ones constitutional and/or civil rights. It is just I really want life to get back to simi normal, and it is just drifting further and further each day. Puff in Peace, Lead by Doing, and as always....

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The first four are the Miles Teg line...

Miles Teg was a true military leader. He could use peace as a weapon, and end wars before they started. It is said that whole planets surrendered as soon as they heard that Miles Teg was their foe. Made with Wenge from Africa these rich colored stems show the contrast between planning and action. Dark brown almost black base with a rich caramel grain, these command attention from any one who see them. The Miles Teg line is for those who want to command excellence, and out think their foes with out having to fire a shot.

The suprise line is Jamis, I still have not heard word from Eli's family this was some that one of my friends at a wood store found for me. So there very well could be more coming in July...

Jamis gave his life to teach Paul what it means to kill. As in such it is made with very rare Lignum Vitae. This translates into the tree of life. Used for longer than written history for its healing resins and oil this wood has a flowery smell. It is even used to make tea! It is a protected tree, and the wood used for these is legally obtained. It is a natural grain that will start to to get a tarnished copper look as it ages. One of the hardest woods in the world these rare bodies will last until the end of time with proper care.

Now there are more Teg's and Jamis's coming. All the Tegs are ready but some of the Jamis line needs some more work. This is because I got heat stroke in the shop last time and my quailty was effected. So i need to rework quite a few of the Jamis lines. here is a pic of the problem.

So slight scratching from improper sanding. I am better than that so I need to strip them down and go back at them. The Jamis line will not get any Ghola's. This is because of two things. One being that UPS still has the safety equipment I need to do the Ghola's on a larger scale. Also it will change color naturally. You can see it happening in some of the pics. Doing a ghola is only going to subtract from this natural effect so no Ghola's on Jamis. I will have more tomorrow for all of us to marvel at their wonder. As always...

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Miles Teg was a true military leader. He could use peace as a weapon, and end wars before they started. It is said that whole planets surrendered as soon as they heard that Miles Teg was their foe. Made with Wenge from Africa these rich colored stems show the contrast between planning and action. Dark brown almost black base with a rich caramel grain, these command attention from any one who see them. The Miles Teg line is for those who want to command excellence, and out think their foes with out having to fire a shot.

Ok so that is what is going into the shop on the 8th. Hope you all like it and it all finds you well. I am really tired from work, I had to stay late to pick up the slack. Dems de knocks. But I am dreaming of ice cold water and a good book. So I am going to update IG and sequester my self from the world. As always...

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Me two weeks ago: "Okay, this Jamis stem is too cool to pass up. And it's the only Dynacraft stem I'll ever need to buy."

Me one week ago: "Damnit... This Jamis stem is boss... And the Gurney and Shaddam IV look awesome together... Would really make a great looking set all together with the Jamis... Okay, I'll buy these two because I was planning on getting another tip or two down the line; so why not just pull the trigger now? And they'll be the last Dynacraft stems I'll ever need to buy."

Me moments ago, upon seeing the Miles Teg photo shoot: "GAWD DAMN!!11! And it's the last Dynacraft stem I'll ever need to buy... for reals this time."

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The store is ready for tomorrow, at 420 pm edt the lines will go up. I go back into the shop tomorrow, so get ready for the rest of the Jamis line to launch and you will start seeing pics of the Duke and Lady line.

Yeah just building that hype lolz. I am dead tired though I have to work a half day tomorrow as well so shop time is quite limited, but I hope to get a lot done. As always.

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Got a little bit done today. Had to go into work today for a while so I could not produce as much as I wanted. But next shop day I am going to make the last of the Lady Jessica and Duke Leto line. Still waiting on UPS to drop off the things I need to do Ghoal lines. But we should get it soon. I know more of you all want Ghola stuff, and I am trying to get it out there but we just have to wait to get the things we need. But still wonderful day today, I hope you all had a wonderful day. Teg and Jamis are launched and in the shop, order before 5am edt 9th to have it shipped on the 9th. I am going to look over these and start the long finish process.

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New stems bust have disappeared quickly. By time I checked, the shop was empty :shrug:
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