Dynacrafts Hand Made Wooden Stems For Dynavap

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Those are the two Ghola's from the Duke line.
Jamis gave his life to teach Paul what it means to kill. As in such it is made with very rare Lignum Vitae. This translates into the tree of life. Used for longer than written history for its healing resins and oil this wood has a flowery smell. It is even used to make tea! It is a protected tree, and the wood used for these is legally obtained. It is a natural grain that will start to to get a tarnished copper look as it ages. One of the hardest woods in the world these rare bodies will last until the end of time with proper care.

That is the cases so I am off to prestock the rest in the store then it is off to bed to get ready for the wood shop day. Ok I stocked the shop it is all ready to go for tomorrow. 25 stems are dropping tomorrow, that is the biggest drop yet. Now it is full force with the Futar line and then.... As always....

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Well the black palm is here and it is fighting me. 6 of the 12, you see seven here but one of them I may not put in the market.


This is why you can see that one of the grains just popped out like a bit of rice. So it is defective, I may sell it at a discounted price IDK.
But here is some of them

Here is the last two. I have enough wood for another run at them that I will do on Thursday and then the Futar line will be out of production and into finish for the July 6th launch.

Here is some of the grain on the Black Palm. Again it is so hard to work, it will just shatter or throw grain and that is it. But so worth it because it looks outstanding.


This little one is going into testing, we will find out more about it after the 6th. But I am going to try and get ahead on production. But I have the wood ready for the next two launches after the Futars... If they pass testing.

Dat grain do.....

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Tomorrow is an production day in the wood shop so there will be a update and a road map taking us to August. Here is a look at the Shah-halud Ghola that will be dropping in August. The finish on the Futars is coming along. At some point I need to take a week or so off of Dynacrafts so I can get other things in my life in order, so that may come in June after the Futar launch. I will have the details for you all after the production tomorrow.

The 4th is coming up and your last chance to win the 'Merica! Fuck Yeah! give away.... all you need to do is follow me on IG... Oh yeah I forgot to tell you all that there is going to be two runner up prizes as well.

This is the grand prize. The two runner ups get to pick a stem out of the store for free. I cover all the cost, shipping and everything. All three get a free case with the stem as well.

That is about it as always....

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I do not know how to put this so I am just going to rip the bandaid off. Dynacrafts is most likely going to be no more. The Futar line is going to be the last for a long while. This is because I have lost access to the wood shop. My Step-Father does not agree with any of this, it is his shop. He was cool with it I did everything in the open and was honest with him. He has had a change of heart and wants me to do furniture for him. I told him no, My love and passion is Dynacrafts. He will never accept my use of Medical herbs, and he now despises all "drugs" even more due to a person matter. So I was not allowed to do anything today. I have my own finish set up because I am a finisher, but I no longer have access to the wood working tools.

I am a grown ass man brought to tears telling you all that I was living the dream. I want to thank all of you, every last one for the golden months I got to do this. I paid for the shop for the year so it is going stay up but the last launch is going to be the futar launch. I have lost my world, my hobby, my muse. I was blessed just to be able to do what I did. I am so sorry I let all of you all down, I let my self down. I wish nothing but the best for all of you. I am not going to be doing daily updates any more no point if there is no production. I will let you all know when the futars are up. I am still doing the contest so do not worry. I am so sorry, I do not know what else to say. I hate to end it like this feels so wrong. It is hard for me to convey how much I put into dynacrafts. I would get all giddy before wood shop days, pace at work the weekend before a launch, sleep around 2-5 hours a night. I lost 75 pounds and I loved every fucking second of it. It is that love that you see in my work. it is love that binds us all. So I am happy for the short time I could show you all my love and passion for wood working. I wish all of you the best in all you do... As always...

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@Rabid Kiwi You brought my dynavap experience to the next level. Your stems have become a part of my life in the short time I've had them. I've given one of them to my cousin for a birthday gift and he also is over the moon with it. You're talent can't be stopped, and your skills are top shelf. I can't imagine where you're craft will take you in the future but I sincerely hope it is in a way I can enjoy half-as-much-as my Jamis stem. Thanks for all you're dedication, love, and hard work; it shines through every single one of your pieces I've seen.


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damn, just read your post about the situation, looks like these are gonna be super collectable meow!

edit: just ordered me this one The Duke Leto Atreides Line 3.5" 11.5mm *Ghola* Mother of Pearl. × 1 woot woot

I love $2.50 s/h and taxes :ove:
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@Rabid Kiwi - sorry to hear about your current obstacles. It sucks when you are in flow and it gets abruptly stopped.

In the words of the great Helen Keller*, a creative obstacle jumper:
“When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us.“

I have a feeling we haven’t seen the last of you!:nod:

I ordered a Lady Jessica earlier in the week - looking forward to receiving it in a few days.

*some attribute similar quote to Alexander Graham Bell, but I’m pretty sure she said it first.


Space for equipment has always been my limiting factor. A lot can be done with simple tools if you got a place to put them. A passion is a difficult thing to hold back. Turning away is simply impossible. I run stems on a mini-lathe and it gives me the same peace of mind. I now have a different problem - waiting for the wood to sap up a bit. Harvest is late August. Talk about withdrawal! I feel for you @Rabid Kiwi - inlaws and outlaws have a way of fucking with people. I learned not to depend on them for my livelihood.

Have heart, the ethers too know your pain. Eyes open.

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Thank you all. I fear this is going to be long term. I just do not have the connections or resources to get set up. I do not want you all to get your hopes up. I am having a really hard time dealing with all this as well. I just do not want to be negative so I try and remember that feeling, that love that kept me going. So thank you all for everything. I just need some time.


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I hate that you lost your passion the way you did, Kiwi. Your work is gorgeous. Reading about how much you loved it really hurts my heart. I'm not sure if woodwork is like clay, but where I live, you can partner with a local school to use their resources for a time if needed (clay, kilin, etc.) If you have that where you live, that could be an option.

Either way, wishing you the best, and I hope you are able to engage in your passion sooner rather than later.

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Ok so do not get your hopes up for a speedy return but..... I started the process of buying a 5 acre farm. The house needs a lot of work, so it will be about a year before I can focus on putting in a wood shop. But once it is done it will all be mine and no one can tell me what to do or how to do it. So my goal is to be back in action one year from now. I am taking the pics for the futar line tomorrow and the next day. Then I will put them up here, and in the store. After that there will be no new lines for about a year, then like a phoenix Dynacrafts will rise up again out of the ashes.

Woot woot. as always...

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In the great scattering the Tleilaxu made the human/felines called Futars. Made to hunt and kill Honored Matres, these are strong but simple creatures searching for their handlers. Made from Black Palm and Red/Black palm these little works of art have a fur like grain to them. The contrast from the grain in these almost looks like stain glass. These look and feel like glass, but I assure you it is all wood.


The rest will be done tomorrow. The farm is looking like it is going to fall through, the title has some problems so I am going to keep looking. I have not given up on this but it will be quite a while before it comes back. So the June 6th launch is the last for a year or longer. The 'Merica! Fuck yeah! winners have been drawn more info on IG about that. I messaged the winners. as always....

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In the great scattering the Tleilaxu made the human/felines called Futars. Made to hunt and kill Honored Matres, these are strong but simple creatures searching for their handlers. Made from Black Palm and Red/Black palm these little works of art have a fur like grain to them. The contrast from the grain in these almost looks like stain glass. These look and feel like glass, but I assure you it is all wood.


So that is it for a long time people. Not much more to say. Just going to pack up my things and be on my way....

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