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Do you like coffee?


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Coffee fueled tractor
Took pic today at local place, Farmer's Table

Would Angelo be amused or aghast?



Oh No! Mr macbill!!
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Pretty fucking dire happenings - the espresso machine is on the fritz!
Although thankfully it's still under warranty, this fact alone is not enough to calm our nerves. So, after a very short stint with some coffee bags (which my wife had squirrelled away to use when I don't make coffee fast enough), I'm now rather happy to be fully reacquainted with the Aeropress which, since arrival of the espresso machine, had been relegated to use while camping or on trips.
Personally, I find the espresso machine pretty quick & easy to use, including the clean-up which is just a rinse of the portafilter and basket followed by a wipe around the group head.
But the Aeropress seems even easier, and maybe even quicker - although I'm thinking this may be a case of 'rose tinted glasses' as I'm just so grateful to have fresh coffee again.
Either way, I loved my Aeropress before I had an espresso machine, and since then, we always appreciate it when we're camping or out & about, but now I have developed a newfound love & appreciation for it at home as a more-than-worthy backup for our beloved espresso machine - & I don't think I ever realised it was quite that good.

The simplicity of the design.
The ease of use.
The quality of the coffee.

I love it.

You can't beat an espresso machine, of course, or at least, I don't think you can. But for the price, convenience, and simply for the variety, I think every coffee lover should give an Aeropress a go.

And you never know just when it might pull you out of a tight spot!


Stay highly caffeinated my homies

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my aeropress arrived yesterday and I'm liking it so far!!! still figuring it out, I don't really like the idea of using so little water to brew and adding lots of plain water to bring it up to the level I want so I have been using a scoop and a half to 2 of coffee and filling the water to 4 then adding a bit more hot water to the pressed coffee and I'm getting a very nice cup. any tips for a newbie???? got to grab some better coffee too but for now the MCcafe will have to suffice lol
Bad Dog,
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@Bad Dog

Good stuff! Pleased you are enjoying it so far.
I do understand the reluctance to add plain water to what you have brewed but in my opinion this approach does work. For me it definitely helped using an espresso machine as all you do is make espresso shots & then add water or milk to the shot to create any coffee variation you want. I treat the Aeropress exactly the same.

I always rinse my paper filters before use & brew with my Aeropress inverted as I find it easier & less messy - & I think it makes a better tasting cup. I generally use one heaped scoop & fill with hot water to the max then divide it between two mugs & top up with hot water for an Americano. With the same type of beans this makes a comparable cup to splitting a double shot from the espresso machine between two cups & then, once again, topping up with hot water for an Americano.

But if you just want extra long, strong, espresso shots, it sounds like you're already doing it right - and at the end of the day, if you like the taste you are doing it right.

Have fun bro



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What I like about adding water back after the brew is that you bring the temp back up, giving you more time to enjoy it.
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Anybody have suggestions on their favorite whole bean French roast?

I think I’m honing in on my end game setup; used to use bean smashers and drip machines (with a good bean still not a bad cup); now have cone burr and AeroPress for both my at home and on the go setups.


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Bought my first coffee from Burundi last week, „Munyinya“ – oh my, I never had a coffee being so fruity while being so incredibly soft. Plum and blueberry, almost tea like, yet fully bodied (is that even a term?). Absolutely highly recommended.


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Weighing in for the aero press here. I was a loyal French press guy for a long time but they're a pain to keep clean and I started thinking about things like cholesterol.

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Absolutely nothing strips the floor as well as coffee. If you're like me when you realize the world's finest and most expensive coffee is essentially gourmet poop and you can't afford the good stuff you worry whose poop you're drinking so no coffee for me.

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