Do you like coffee?


So over the last few years I have switched from being a tea only drinker, to a coffee and tea fan.

my palate isn't defined as it is towards the special herb lol, but I do enjoy a nice cup of coffee.

now I had a 30 dollar Black and decker 12 cup maker and to be honest it doesn't really make good coffee. a couple reasons. I am the only one in my house who drinks coffee, so I only make 4-6 cups in a go. it's never hot enough, and it just doesn't really taste all that great. so then my gf bought a tassimo, and it makes much better coffee. but still it's a little weak, while it is warmer...

so then on reddit the other day I was reading about great life changing devices that cost less than 100 bucks.

a french press was brought up. and yes I thought to myself a good idea. my sister who is a coffee nerd swears by it when she is home visiting my folks... they have a fancy machine at home i think...

so anyways I will get to the point of this thread. (start reading here if you are thinking tldr)

so to the french press posting a lot of replies came to say, FP is good but Aeropress is better.

so I looked into this more... it's a little 4 shot piston coffee maker!

you make your strong coffee and then do 1 of 2 things.

1. you filter your 2 oz coffee and then top up if you want a more normal drink.


2. you just fill it up to the 4 shot level (i have taken to liking this so far... but i've only had it a day.)

this thing is pretty kickass! I get coffee shop quality coffee in my own house for 35 bucks!

check it out!

I got mine here:

some reviews:

and a vid of it in use.

i don't profit from telling you guys this, just wanted to share! it seems worth it to me!


you know what? i hadn't tried earl gray until a couple years ago. my folks are english, but from the north. and my mom hates bergamot flavour so I had never been exposed to it while living at home. I still like tetley orange pekoe best, followed by a bunch of green teas. orange flavoured green tea or pomegranate rocks my socks :)

we have a keurig at work (it's nice :) ), but it costs money so i go for the crappy free coffee they offer. I will be taking my new aeropress to work now though! :)


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I use a fp. Ive been enjoying the folgers flavored coffee. Mixing 50/50 cocoanut cream pie and mocha sometjing or,other.

Tastes like a mounds. I do add some half n half but thats my taste.

Add some almond syrup. F'n almond joy!

I love coffee, but my stomach has decided to out age my apitite.


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I have to hold my hands up to being a hopeless coffee addict! I recently tried to give it up - but failed miserably! :) I have a coffee machine at home, mid range - so not too expensive - & it's awesome. I personally love the crema that coffee machines produce, so wouldn't be without one now. When I go camping I use a cafetiere - you still get a great flavour but not the creaminess. I'm currently going through a phase of consuming lots of Nicaraguan beans - yummy! :luv:


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I love coffee and drink it on occasion, but I hated the caffeine headaches and it upsets my stomach a lot (super sensitive stomach). I used to drive several cups a day + some espressos on top!

For the last few years I've only been drinking green tea for my caffeine fix, I go through 1-7 cups a day
I don't drink coffee myself but I did have a banging awesome cup of coffee one time and have been spoiled since. I think it was called Blue Mountain or something and it was bomb coffee from Jamaica.


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(posted this in another thread, but it really should go here)​
For those that use the AeroPress, check this out. Got it about a month ago. Lovin' it.​
The only downside with the AeroPress is the amount of coffee that's required per cup. With this filter, I was able to cut the amount of coffee that I use per cup by 25% and still able to maintain the same strength with even an improved taste over the paper filters.​
Similar to how vapes help conserve your bud, this filter will pay for itself within the first few months of use.​
HIGHLY recommended for all AeroPress users.​
PS..........The filter is sooo fine, that it leaves absolutely no grounds in the bottom of the cup, even with a fine grind.​


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Thanks for posting that Iwein, I've been making aeropress americanos for years now. I'll be sure and pick one of these up the next time I run low on filters.

I need black coffee like I need oxygen in the morning, but sometimes I give my tummy an extended break with yerba mate. It's what a lot of the south american coffee pickers drink.

Because of a systemic condition I can't drink any tea with tannins in it, so black and green are out.


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I drink at least one cup of black coffee every day. I used to drink with cream and sugar, but once you try and get used to black coffee, you'll appreciate coffee so much more! In my opinion, cream and sugar just mask the taste of good coffee. I'm drinking Seattle's Best extra dark blend right now, I believe. I use a good drip coffee maker, although I do realize there are better ways to brew it. I'm going to look into the Aeropress though, thanks for the heads up! :cool:


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No to coffee here. Hate the taste, dont believe its beneficial enough to start drinking. Tea is my pleasure. Fruit juices, water, and tea makes a healthy me!


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^ Wow I've read a bunch of articles like that and that one is the best!


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I'm a big fan of coffee. Since moving out to the west coast, I've only increased my intake. It's difficult to avoid when there are Starbucks, and artisan shops on every corner to supplement. I like lots of sugar and nonsense in mine. Caramel latte with that groovy pink salt on top is what I'm talkin' about.

I've got a Keurig as well. My girlfriend uses it to make hot chocolate in addition to all the delicious k-cups (french toast!).


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I'm on the rainy coast, where coffee is an absolute requirement.

We have an Aeropress - love it. Also a French Press... love it, too. A stovetop Mokka pot... and our workhorse drip pot (cone filter).... oh, yeah, it's a Cuisinart. Couldn't remember. I also have an enameled steel perk pot for camping.

At any given time, we probably have 4 varieties/blends. The darker the roast, the lower the caffeine, so we usually have a medium roast coffee for the wakeup pot, then we'll do a darker roast for a 2nd pot, or we'll get out one of our really nice coffee beans, and make a custom cup, like French or Aeropress.

Keurig doesn't make coffee. I've tried every way I can, including using my own ground coffee, and it all tastes weak and watered down. Even with "too much" coffee, it just tasted too strong-and watered down. It was the weirdest thing. Yuck.

At work I drink tea. Black, green, and herbal.
If you are feeling spendy, this is one of the best drip coffee makers out there. Looks kinda cool too...
Got one of those ^ and it gets used daily in combination with a Swiss Goldfliter or sometimes a hempcoffeefilter(also good for the average ISO-run etc.,altough i cannot find these for sale atm,i got quite a a stash of these when sweetmarias was still selling them,but it looks as if they've since switched to bamboo).
Also got a Gene Cafe coffeeroaster,i buy my beans still green!;)
As already indicated for a good coffeeforum and shop you might visit
I do have an Aeropress as well,but hardly use that anymore,the same goes for the Clever Coffee Dripper.
That does give a nice option of letting the coffee infuse for longer periods btw(most Technivorms offer that option too.)
Mostly it's the Technivorm for easy cups in the morning to a Chemex 3-cup/Chemex FP-2 filter in the afternoon and evening,poured with my lovely little Hario Buono kettle.:science::D
On special occasions or just when the mood strikes me i've also got a Cona vacuum brewer with glass filter rod,making it a truly all glass coffeemaker.:p
And that looks quite cool too :

Yes i do like my cup of coffee indeed...;)

Ps Edit little later :
Forgot to mention for the FP i've got the smallest Bodum Columbia doublewalled one,been a while...think i'll give that another go this afternoon.:)


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Now THAT is one sweeeet lookin' coffee maker. :)

In regards to coffee links, these are a few good ones as well.

A coffee bean review site:

And the place where I order my coffee simply because they got higher reviews on that site than anyone else and they've proven to be reallllly, realllly good.....

SweetMaria's is also a great site and one of the first coffee sites I ever visited.

Also this place, kinda like the FC of the coffee world:


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Oh, vacuum brewer... we have a coffeehouse in our area that does that. We've had great coffee out of it!

I get delivered coffee right to my pillow in the morning. :)


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Thanks for the reccomendation on the Aeropress, weedemon. I just went and bought one, and it really makes great coffee faster than I have been able to in the past. Also, thanks for the SS reusable filter link, lwien. I'm definitely picking that up, as I like a system that has no disposable parts. Right now, I'm so caffeinated!
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