Cheap, high-quality bubbler??


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Some of my adapters,
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I am thinking of building a few shelves in that empty spot in the background of my vids as they now live under my workbench. When I was having a good clean up I thought I may have given away one bong until I watched a couple of my vids and noticed my carb cap banger tree bong I had previously lost.:haw:
I love buying in bulk!

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Well it's not here yet and its best to keep the shipping commentary out... Will post when it arrives!
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For what it's worth, not all that biao touches is gold.

When you start getting into these price ranges for customs from china, I feel that many might be better served ordering from one of the American china glass companies for the sake of quality control and stateside customer support.
For $40 I think it was an amazing deal to be honest!!! (like I said ... my favourite piece right now ...)


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I know a lot of members own and recommend the Rattlecan, so I’m asking those to examine my photos and look at your own rig (mine was bought from SAML on DHGate). Mine is functioning fine, I realize it’s only $50, but I’m a bit surprised at how bad some of the joint connections are. Specifically, where the bowl connects to the rigs body.

The joint is OFF CENTER, and UGLY workmanship. Just curious if this kind of construction is NORMAL for these DHGate and SAML rigs?

The 4 photos are various angles of my: SAML RATTLECAN

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I’ve included my original post, since it has the photo of the Rattlecan I bought from Steven/PopularGlass on DHGate.

I was not pleased with the obvious low quality of the glass joint work. I contacted the seller directly, but as has been mentioned previously in this thread that they don’t like dealing with buyers much after the purchase. I don’t know if that was always the case, as his rigs in the past were highly recommended, but more recent posts seem to indicate that the quality control has really fallen off. Since this was my first glass rig purchase from DHGate & Steven, I was shocked when I received it, regardless of the inexpensive price of $50.

So more on principle, and perhaps to make them think twice about shipping out poorly made glass, I contacted them directly. And as members anticipated, the run around began.
Sent them the photos you see here, via email, once I gave them my email address, though they should have already had it.
Then more and more back and forth trading messages with them on DHGate, usually an assistant responding.
They basically want you to admit it’s not broken and it’s “usable”.
Once I saw their pattern of avoidance, I opened a DISPUTE with the DHGate system.
I supplied the photos, and simply said, the item does not match their online photos, and description. And that improperly made glass rigs do not perform properly. I requested a replacement, or full refund.

The sellers assistant was now aware of my dispute filing, and wrote me they “might offer me 30% refund”. Another message after that was, “if you want a refund send it back to us”. I didn’t respond, as I wanted to test my dispute.

Well, it seems if the seller does not respond in 5 days to a dispute, (I assume a response to DHGate), then DHGate makes their decision.

So today, I was notified, to expect a FULL REFUND on my CC.

I won’t be buying from that seller anymore.
Sorry for the long update post, case closed, hope this helps someone else.


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So today, I was notified, to expect a FULL REFUND on my CC.
Good on ya! If I am not happy with an item I now open the case pretty well at the same time (unless I have a good history with the seller) I tell the seller there is a problem, easier to keep track of it that way and get the ball moving!
Going through my collection with the Halo, here is the Matrix Sidecar from Stevenimz back when he had great QC and CS,


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any suggestions on a usable bubbler, that does not look like a bubbler and is easy to clean ?

I have the D20 and like it. But I would like to have a glass toy, that does not look like smoking paraphernalia.
Maybe some kind of vase .... or MFLB Orbiter style
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Beautiful but hard to get at a reasonable price for me.

Man, the Sip Series from Grav Laps is nice.

I still can't understand why chines vendors on DHGate don't copy StickyPete's Globe.
Or do they ?


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Well that Sake bong was 18mm and a tad big, I’ve gone for a Wide Tyre.
It seems a good fit for me, I am generally going in dry with the DVs and it should diffuse well I can also attach all the stupid 14mm shit I have bought to it.
Hoping for budget chunky and straight joints.
I have that and would say don't waste your money.
This is my fave dry glass piece we have a half a dozen or so.
I think of it as a fancy,dancy j-hook.
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