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In this Nova episode, legal, medical, & political case studies are intercut with the opinions of scientists on risk/benefit analyses of cannabis use. Certain loaded terms, like 'withdrawal,' 'addiction,' & 'dependance,' are often used with almost no qualification or supporting data.
I learned a lot of weed science watching this recent documentary, although it focused on medical applications, as if written by non-users looking for documented benefits. I'm waiting for network documentaries written by stoners for stoners; e.g. all about weed vaping, hydroponic growing, strain details and history, etc. The show mentioned the known positive benefits for people trying to get away from opioids, or vets with PTSD. That's excellent but I suspect there's more to it than that. Recreational users are often depicted as partiers, or hippies, or degenerates, but most folks are probably law abiding, working for a living and paying taxes.


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Here's some data from the National Safety Council in regards to workplace attitudes on cannabis (Obviously, the focus was on "safety", being the National Safety Council and all.):
Understanding Cannabis In The Workplace
From the summary at https://www.nsc.org/work-safety/safety-topics/drugs-at-work/marijuana:
Cannabis can have a major impact on the safety of employees and cannabis legalization is creating new challenges for employers. According to a recent NSC survey, one third of employees say they have observed cannabis use during work hours. The survey also found that:

  • More than half of employers that eliminated THC testing reported seeing an increase in incidents or other workplace performance concerns
  • Most employers believe employees would feel comfortable telling their supervisor if they were too impaired to work, while less than half of employees reported they would feel comfortable telling supervisors they were impaired
  • Less than half of organizations have a written policy addressing cannabis
Check out this infographic for more survey findings.

NSC advocates for cannabis safety with a number of policy positions, from workforce drug testing to substance-free workplace policies and programs. See the full list of NSC policy positions related to cannabis.

NSC Recommendations for Employers​

As more states legalize cannabis for recreational and medicinal use, employers must take clear, strong stances to ensure worker safety. To help employers address the risks of cannabis in the workplace, NSC encourages business leaders to take key actions that include:

1. Establishing a clear, fair cannabis policy that prevents impairment in the workplace and provides support for employees

2. Building a safety-focused, trusting culture for employees to report cannabis use in the workplace

3. Advocating for increased access to employee assistance programs (EAPs) and health care benefits for those with substance use disorders

4. Training supervisors to recognize and respond to impairment in the workplace; learn more about NSC training at nsc.org/ImpairmentTraining

See additional NSC recommendations for employers to address cannabis in the workplace.



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Cop gets called to armed man. Starts negotiations. Suspect wants to smoke a blunt in his possession. Cop, thinking blunt smoking might make the situation more chaotic, tells man if he surrenders he will let him smoke it before jail. Man surrenders and asks for a smoke. Cop gives cigarettes and lighter to man who takes blunt from behind ear and smokes it. Cop fired.

Hostage Negotiations, Marijuana, and Police Officers' Rights in Disciplinary Proceedings
...Sergeant Mole' continued to negotiate with Smoot for approximately two hours. During this time, Smoot said he planned to smoke a "blunt," a marijuana cigarette. Sergeant Mole', reluctant to allow an armed and barricaded subject to impair his mental state, asked Smoot to refrain. Sergeant Mole' promised Smoot that if he disarmed and peacefully surrendered, he would be allowed to smoke the blunt.

Smoot then dropped his gun, handcuffed himself, and surrendered to Sergeant Mole' in the apartment. Still in handcuffs, Smoot asked for his pack of legal tobacco cigarettes and lighter, which were on a nearby table, and Sergeant Mole' handed those items to him. Smoot then pulled a marijuana blunt from behind his ear, lit it with the lighter, and smoked approximately half of it....

The holding, while in the cop's favor, really doesn't change anything. The case was not about the pot, but the process of firing the cop. There, some of the cop's rights were not upheld and he is unfired for now. But, tomorrow...
...We acknowledge North Carolina's general policy of at-will employment, long established in common law. We do not hold that Durham could not terminate Sergeant Mole' based on the conduct at issue, or that Durham could not terminate Sergeant Mole' without cause. Given the stage of proceedings, "we express no opinion on the ultimate viability of [Sergeant Mole']s claim." Like the Supreme Court in Tully, "we [do] not speculate regarding whether [Sergeant Mole'] would [not have been terminated] had [Durham] followed its own [disciplinary] policy." At this early stage of litigation, we do not address whether Sergeant Mole' must be reinstated or what relief must be afforded to him should he prevail, as "t will be a matter for the trial judge to craft the necessary relief." We only hold that Durham must follow its own disciplinary procedures—created to protect its legitimate governmental interest in treating city employees fairly—in discharging Sergeant Mole'. If the evidence shows that Durham failed to do so and that Sergeant Mole' was harmed by that failure, Article I, Section 1 of our Constitution provides a remedy….


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Yeah. They fire the decent cops when they show that they won't fall in line with the status queue.
You're not supposed to be honest, decent, and still remain a cop for long.
That's against the rules for police in the USA.

Once you get exposed to be a decent cop, you will get removed one way or the other, it would seem.


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Someone you don't like, I mean *really* don't like, visiting Dubai?

Find out where they are staying and send them some CBD and give the police a friendly call!

(no really, don't do this!)
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Billy should have known not to fuck around in Dubai... their tolerance, or lack thereof, is known worldwide.

yeah…I thought I may have heard that you’re basically subject to drug tests there if they have any reason to suspect and even if you smoked weed the week before you left the US, pop positive in Dubai, with zero bud in your possession on their soil, still jailable...


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Bear in mind it can take weeks, or months for your system to clear, you're probably better off never visiting there in the first place.

I have never seen anything that makes me want to go there... looks like pure hell to me!


I checked myself, and thought oh come on... have a look again, maybe there is something worthwhile there:

Nope... literally nothing to see here that isn't available elsewhere where you're not going to be jailed for life for simply existing.

Very sorry it looks this way, but I suspect this batshit crazy jail sentence has virtually nothing to do with CBD possession.


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