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Cannabis part of the future says tobacco giant

British American Tobacco said it wanted to "accelerate" its transformation by reducing the health impact of its products.

In March, BAT took a stake in Canadian medical cannabis maker Organigram. It also signed a deal to research a new range of adult cannabis products, initially focused on cannabidiol (CBD).

"As we think about our portfolio for the future, certainly beyond nicotine products are interesting for us as another wave of future growth," BAT executive Kingsley Wheaton told Radio 4's Today Programme.


High profile: Cannabis chemical delta-8 gains fans, scrutiny

A chemical cousin of pot’s main intoxicating ingredient has rocketed to popularity over the last year, and the cannabis industry and state governments are scrambling to reckon with it amid debate over whether it’s legal.

The 2018 federal law that OK’d hemp products said they couldn’t be more than 0.3% delta-9, but it said nothing about delta-8.

Enthusiasts interpret that silence as a green light for delta-8, and some officials also see an opening for it.
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No hangovers or beer bellies: Cannabis firms try to woo booze drinkers

Major beer companies are investing in THC-infused drinks, but the sector represents less than 2 percent of the overall $20 billion marijuana market.

I rarely drink (like maybe once a year, at most five times) but every time I do, I wake up feeling great the next day. All of my friends hate this, so the ones who can consume THC agree that it helps them massively the next day if you have a sesh before bed. Water also helps a ton but you just cannot get some people on that plan lol


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Morocco: Bill to legalise cannabis enters into force

Bill 13.21, the bill to legalise the use of cannabis, came into force on Friday in Morocco after it was published in the Official Gazette.

Last May, the Moroccan House of Representatives (the first chamber of Parliament) approved a bill legalising the use of cannabis for medical and industrial purposes in the country.

The bill was supported by 119 deputies belonging to majority blocs and the opposition, while 48 members of the Justice and Development Party (leader of the government coalition) rejected it.....

......According to the introductory note of the draft bill, the Moroccan authorities aspire to attract: "Global investment via companies specialised in the legal uses of cannabis for medical and industrial purposes."

The note explained: "The development of legal cannabis cultivation will improve farmers' income, protect them from international drug smuggling networks, and attract global investments, with the aim of benefiting from the international market revenues for this plant."


(Cayman Islands):
Decriminalisation not legalisation: Deputy premier clears air on ganja plans

While government is committed to the decriminalisation of possessing certain quantities of marijuana, there will not be a wholesale legalisation of the drug in the Cayman Islands, Deputy Premier Chris Saunders has confirmed.

“The whole idea behind this [decriminalisation] is to make sure that young people [aren’t] hindered from getting employment and can take up educational opportunities. I am not in support of legalising marijuana at this point,” Saunders said, as he addressed the issue on the Cayman Compass weekly Facebook talkshow ‘The Resh Hour’ on 28 July.


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Now that’s not fair, they presented a bunch of clear and useful statistics such as Oregon having:

“Adult marijuana users per capita: 28,560”

Apparently, on average, each person in Oregon is 28,560 people who use marijuana? :hmm:

Or maybe each of them just consumes 28,560 marijuanas…? :shrug:

I was wondering the same thing.


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*Per capita equates to "per 100,000 residents" throughout this ranking.

Which means nearly a third of adults in Oregon do weed! Good going, Oregon!

Good luck to them in their efforts to redefine a common phrase taken from a dead language, but it literally means "by heads" or "for each head" and is specifically used as shorthand for “for each person”. :myday:

Maybe other people are trying to use it the same way they are, but a quick search didn’t turn them up for me so I’m going to assume their fight isn’t going well. :shrug:

I actually hope that doesn’t catch on, because the usefulness of the phrase comes from the specific meaning it’s had for thousands of years.

If I see something like “Canada has 1 serial killer per capita” I should know immediately that every Canadian is a serial killer (or more accurately there is a serial killer in Canada for every citizen). I don’t want to have to find where they try to redefine it to mean 10 million people just to figure out that there are instead an estimated 3-4 Canadians who are serial killers.

Those are made up statistics, but hopefully everyone gets the idea. :)

Ha ha. We somehow overlooked that line in the article.
I now feel like a complete dumbass :lol:

I'm embarrassed. :doh:

So, it basically means ~28.56% of the population in Oregon. :tup:

Maybe I’m just being pedantic, but I think the author and editor are the ones who should feel a little silly, not us. ;)


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From the article:
Earlier in the conversation, Polis asked the creators which character they’d pick as a mascot for Colorado. The talking towel named Towelie—famous for getting high—was Stone’s choice. He said it’d be a good way to represent the state’s marijuana businesses, and the governor agreed that Towelie would be a “good” mascot.

stoned towel GIF by South Park


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Old Trolls Never Die They just Lose Their Staff
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Biden Opposes Marijuana Legalization Because He’s From The ‘Reefer Madness Generation,’ Neil deGrasse Tyson Says

No Neil, it's because he is a politician and they profit from prohibition. The science is available to any idiot with an internet connection. And again, Biden needs to get an understanding of the difference between a beneficial plant and the poisons his son chose to use, and stop punishing the rest of us for his ignorance and greed.

Edit: From the article:
"....while Biden has emphasized the need to follow the science when it comes to the coronavirus pandemic, the same can’t be said with respect to his marijuana policy position."
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