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I think our entire legal system has become a joke. Our laws only really apply to people with a sub 8 figure net worth. For example, Biden was fine subjecting thousands of (mostly black) people to the cruelties of our criminal justice system for smoking crack. But when his own kid gets caught doing the same thing... send him to a Five Star rehab center. We can't totally derange his life over a mistake!

But if you're someone who still believes this is an actual nation of laws, isn't this "it's legal but actually illegal" bullshit intolerable? It's just a massive, glaring bug in our system. The only ways to fix it are Federal legalization, or a crackdown in the States. I don't think a crackdown is viable at this point, so that only leaves one option. We've now had 3 Presidents overseeing this legal glitch. Time to patch the bug.


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I think that the genie is already out of the bottle and if the feds did try a crackdown, there might be civil war as so many states have it legal for at least medical. And let's not forget out "brilliant" Florida Supreme court at least twice shooting down full legalization in Florida because they didn't like the "language" of the I said before, bitch please.


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Finally: Cannabis Delivery Via iPhone Is Here With New App

A cannabis delivery app on your iPhone? Yeah, it's a thing.

One company couldn't wait to get started after Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) recently changed its policies allowing cannabis-focused apps on its store. Weed delivery company Eaze jumped at the opportunity and on Thursday announced the launch of a “first-of-its-kind shoppable” app for iPhone users.


(Canada): Cannabis Transdermal Patches Among Products to Launch in July

Atlas Biotechnologies Inc., a leading Canadian cannabis company, today announced the launch of Atlas Thrive – Powered by MÜV™ branded products in collaboration with leading multi-state American partner Verano Holdings Corp. (CSE: VRNO)


White House to push for rethink on cannabis use in sport

US seeks talks with World Anti-Doping Agency after suspension of star sprinter Sha’Carri Richardson


Nevada Declares Marijuana Not Performance Enhancing—Legalizes Cannabis Use For MMA Athletes

The Nevada state Athletic Commission voted Wednesday to lift its longtime ban on athletes using marijuana, opening the door for boxers and mixed-martial artists competing on the sport’s biggest stage to freely and openly use cannabis.


Could cannabis be made legal in U.S. under Joe Biden? Signs are mixed.

People who want to see cannabis legalized nationally got a welcome surprise late last month when Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas called into question the constitutionality of federal bans on marijuana.

The opinion from one of the Court’s most conservative justices doesn’t change federal law, but it came in a year when states seem to be racing each other to license and regulate some form of legal cannabis


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Here Are The Full Details Of The New Federal Marijuana Legalization Bill From Chuck Schumer And Senate Colleagues

The first draft of a long-anticipated Senate bill to federally legalize marijuana has been released—and its sponsors are asking for public input to further improve the legislation before it is formally introduced.

Nice BUT those greedy bastards….. 10% Fed starting tax rate seems high but ok.
Then yearly increases to 25% after 5 years.

On top of state and local taxes = black market thrives

They just have to ruin a good thing.


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Whatever you do don't look at the duty payable on tobacco or high % alcohol (in the UK at least) it makes this look positively generous!

I think it's fair enough, presumably home grown will be exempt up to a certain threshold, just like it is with home brew, I also thought it was good that they plan on investing that revenue on helping people.


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Sacha Baron Cohen sues over cannabis billboard featuring Borat character​

Mr Cohen is spending a lot of time in court. And I expect him to have a lot of success.


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For those of you still wondering about Biden's position:
Biden Remains Opposed To Marijuana Legalization, White House Says Minutes After Senators Unveil New Bill | Marijuana Moment

When it comes to weed, the Democrats continue to disappoint. They act like they are in favor, but year after year there is an excuse. The last excuse was Barrack couldn't legalize because it wouldn't look good for the first black president to do so... to side with the science...
I think it would've looked heroic.

The fact that Biden can't distinguish between cannabis and the poisons his son chose to use is either ignorance or bullshit.
There is just too much financial incentive in prohibition.


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The closing of this article is a real kick in the nuts:

"And keep in mind that marijuana simply isn't a top issue for most of the public. The public at large isn't likely to punish Republicans for opposing the decriminalization of marijuana.

The fact is that marijuana laws do not have a great effect on many Americans. Most people don't smoke marijuana, and the group who is disproportionately arrested compared with its marijuana usage is Black Americans. There aren't many of them in the Republican Party.

And with a 50-50 Senate, marijuana decriminalization likely isn't going anywhere without Republicans on board."

I'd still like to see this come to a full vote on the Senate floor. Even if it's sure to fail. Having a list of every nerd and square in the Senate would be nice for me personally.

This is pretty infuriating. I'll set aside all the hypocrisy over personal freedom and getting the Government, especially the Federal Government, off our backs. Republicans are the people most likely to believe we still live under a legitimate system of laws. If decriminalization is a non-starter, what's their solution to the conflict between Federal and State cannabis laws? A crackdown and a return to dispensary raids? Come on, man.

We just had a Republican President, Mr. Law and Order, for 4 whole years. He was happy to oversee a broken legal system, with the majority of States acting in total disregard for Federal law. Didn't lift a finger to solve this. And Senate Republicans are happy to continue delegitimizing our legal system.

In 2021, people defending prohibition look absolutely pathetic. But it's not like the Democrats can even make political hay over this. Because they went and made the author of the '94 Crime Bill President. Any criticism of dementia addled Republican Senators for being prohibitionists will blow right back onto Biden.


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Study: Cannabis Use Not Linked to Motivation Loss

Marijuana use by teens is not independently associated with an increased risk of so-called ‘Amotivational syndrome,” according to longitudinal data published in the Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society.

“They lie about marijuana. Tell you pot-smoking makes you unmotivated. Lie! When you're high, you can do everything you normally do just as well — you just realize that it's not worth the fucking effort. There is a difference.”​

― Bill Hicks


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Did I wake up in the Mirror, Mirror universe? Quick, check to see if Kamala has a goatee.

Republican Lawmakers Tell Biden To Keep Marijuana Campaign Promise By Reclassifying It Under Federal Law | Marijuana Moment

Anything to oppose, but in its case, good for us.


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