Bump this thread if you're VAPED now!


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Bad Dog

Yeah I pissed on the rug...... so what
.05 50/50 mix of LA Confidential indica and northern lights haze sativa, for a balanced hybrid that doesn't suck. Hooray for weekends! 🤪
Bad Dog,

Diggy Smalls

Been chilling with a beer and I just vaped a few tokes on my wooden on demand butane powered vape and I'm feeling real good and day to cook some dinner!
My guy says it's GG but I don't really believe him. It's good midgrade and my tolerance is low from using CBD heavy hemp.
Anyway! Bump!



Aprove me moderators! I want to post on the Argo and Solo threads!

Happy smokes!

Edit: thank you moderators!!!
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Back at it. Running my firefly. All my other vapes are drying. Could really use my vapir rise out of the whip. Big ass hits off that I love. Pack a full chamber and boom. When weed isn’t a cost to you. Go home big. Pay to play.
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Legendary White Alien OG Kush with full spectrum CBD/THC/CBG effects that are out of this world and into the cosmos


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Vapir rise 2.0 throwing it down. 3 full bowls out of the sucker. And 3 beers. I’m loving life after the mental craziness of today. Such an underrated desktop

Hippie Dickie

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bump ... Bud Toaster-ing some Jack Herer #4 (from the dispensary and listening to Neon Jesus on SoundCloud ... i guess that's what this 72 year old (and a half) man do ... on a Tuesday night, while i try to get into some website coding ... sigh.


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Got a new tasty treat today mandarin triangle kush crumble. 2 dabs in and ready for another!


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Sitting at the kitchen table. Vaping away. Online shopping. Drinking a beer. Candida CD1 out of the Firefly.

Just had an epiphany. I now finally understand the "not one perfect vape" and "each vape serves its purpose".

Firefly is great for solo sessions. Don't find it too good with another person. Now I have a great desktop I love and enjoy to session with at least one other person, the Vapir Rise. But now I think I need to buy a new vape. VAS is kicking in. I think I want the Crafty or Mighty. I want that nice session portable. I do have a Haze V3. But since they went out of business, I treat that like a Lamborghini. Not a daily driver. The flowermate CAP I own, well, thats a cheap vape, and I do prefer quality.

Sorry for the rant and off topic post. Did not want to start a new thread. And.... Welp.... I am vaped.
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