Bump this thread if you're VAPED now!

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it's turning into a full work mode weekend ... damn i hate that ... how can i get anything IMPORTANT done (like the next Bud Toaster) when i have to work all the damn time ... thank goodness for Pandora and ...


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chillin with the new chromium crusher and the pd. gotta break it in propperly you know! :brow:


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Bump. It's vake-thirty, isn't it? :ko:

standard - you have a jack herer pipe? I wanna' get one.

Or maybe you aren't referring to that. I know Jack's been sick, not sure what his condition is now, but it was grave last time I heard.

Edit: OH! You are referring to Jack Herer strain... right?




I tried makin some of that Jack Herer many years ago. Was really tough to get them going and as I remember, they were all boys.
Vapo, sometimes I think you are too vaped out. Sure glad no one else is. Theres a new one, TVO


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Friday, weekend starts with Satori!

I have a feeling this thread is going to stay at the top for a while..


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:D Just came home from an evening boat ride with my Iolites... Now I'm visiting my PD... Happy Friday!!!


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just got done with yet another epic battle with my leaves outside. went into work for a few hours this morning now. . . .. bump. :ko:
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