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Enjoying this cute little couple at the moment.


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Bump peace

Amen to that.

BTW before that picture was taken, the night started off on a scary note when Bud's wife first met Troy. She reached for the first sharp object she could find (corkscrew in this case) but was eventually restrained. Everyone hugged it out after that and peace throughout the galaxy was finally restored.:clap:





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Bigfoot bump.



Travis Lau, a spokesperson for the Pennsylvania Game Commission, said official reports of alleged Bigfoot sightings are rare. But Gov. Tom Wolf, in a statement, said he can understand why Bigfoot would want to call Penn’s Woods home and encourages everyone to “explore one of our beautiful towns or parks, and see what you find.” A spokesperson for Lt. Gov. John Fetterman said he could neither confirm nor deny the alignment of Bigfoot sightings with the locations of his recreational marijuana tour stops.

Fetterman, the spokesperson said, uttered two quotes when asked about the phenomenon: “Not all who wander are lost” and “The truth is out there.”

Fetterman wears a size 14 or 15 shoe. He prefers to go barefoot.


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Bumping along here in my second outing with my new Solo II and some Hurricane. I’m really enjoying this device. Started a couple months ago with a boundless cf, then a MIQro. They all have their attractions, but damn the cloudy vapor and flavor from the SII!

Great way to wind down another gorgeous weekend in New England!
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