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been reading about St. Moritz ... trip there would be nice ... but i would want to be whisked there, not have to negotiate the real world to make that happen ... bumped??? ... oh fucking yeah (ofy), strain is "Americano" (is that really a strain?) ... bump (really fucking grateful to have the Bud Toaster)

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Vaping some kind bud and drinking an ipa named The Kind while listening to some tunes. This is the way to end a week. Using my Heat Top...or is it a Toasty Island? Anyway, it's keeping me nice and buzzed tonight, so BUMP


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BUMP! So I've been getting indicas and indica heavy hybrids most of the time, but this time I picked up this pungent and sticky sativa. I vaped like 4 bowls thinking "Wow, I'm not that high" and then I closed my eyes and it felt like I was floating through space. Yeah. I'm fucking vaped right now. It's the discount bin, so I have no idea what it is, but it's got a pungent and chemically taste. I was getting hints of a cherry flavor from the toasty island, but a little more spice from the vapcap.

Diggy Smalls

I got a half o of some really primo flower that is very potent. That shit has me wrecked.
I'm picking up a while once if some outdoor local stuff to make a salad with.
Hell, for the last half hour I've been just zoning, even though I had over an hour ago. Strongest shit I've had in a long time
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Bump dat shyt!

Haven't dabbed in many many months. Friend brought some live resin from CO by. Super terpy. Did 2 huge fuckin' globs (& almost went straight to the floor after the 2nd hit :o).

This was 11 hours ago & I'm still high AF! :ko:

Been wanting a Dnail SiC setup for awhile. Starting to think all I need is a Divine Tribe V3.
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