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Bump this thread if you're VAPED now!


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Can't clean the house without 1) 4 x espresso with milk, stirred 2) vaping Amnesia Haze... which.. call me heretic (factually accurate!) but I never got the Amnesia bit. Or I don't remember?

I call it Motivation Haze nowadays. Kicks me up like no other mostly sativa I hold.

So: bump. Still actively avoiding the cleaning bit. :D


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Little Bill

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Well I was good and vaped this AM about 10:30. The secret is to vape before eating anything. 70 milligrams with my Crafty on a morning dog walk did the trick. By 2 PM I was sober and ready to play bridge. Now for another dog walk with my CFX and another 70 milligrams. :D
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