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Actually I won't seeing as I have a incurable disease.

I get a fixed salary so this is alot of money for me to medicate and when I get told it will get shipped yesterday and it doesn't I get worried.
Not cool for someone to tell you how to feel about spending money on an item that should have shipped already according to company owner. Not sure why they are ghosting people as well. Anyway, good luck mate. Hope the wait gets easier for you.


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What was your order jumber

#1016 here

1042 here and.....nothing yet.
VAS is a shit:shit:

1060 hoping it gets here by New Years Eve so I can test and watch the college football playoffs and be to medicated to walk 3ft to my job and login!

While I totally understand what it's like waiting for a new vape to arrive, let's not derail the thread with shipping discussion. We can start a new thread if there is enough interest, but let's keep this thread on thrack.



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As of now where/when should I look for anvil?
I thought I had signed up for preorder, but I can’t find anything except site registration emails, no pre-order #.
Either way just want to know going forward if I should just expect restock eventually on the site or if I need to submit a different preorder?

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As of now where/when should I look for anvil?
I thought I had signed up for preorder, but I can’t find anything except site registration emails, no pre-order #.
Either way just want to know going forward if I should just expect restock eventually on the site or if I need to submit a different preorder?
You can pre-order at Never mind, their sold out. if your not already, you should get on vestratto’s mailing list.


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I know mods here didn’t want any more chit chat about this stuff, so I apologize for bringing this up, but it might help anyone who hasn’t gotten their shipping info. I traded emails with John on Saturday and said my order was on the shipping dock and expected to ship out Tuesday (today), so we’ll see! That being said, it seems like email may be the best way to communicate that kind of personal order stuff with him/Vestratto (I just got the contact info off of his website).

Also, I can’t wait to see some reviews and vids of the Anvil as people start getting them in. I’ll be sure to share my thoughts!
I can't wait for reviews to start coming in. I have very high hopes for it and hop it lives up to them. I like my dynavap but am always chasing the line with it. And I can't do it as consistently well as would would like. Being more confident in full extraction will hopefully keep the popcorn flavour at bay.


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I personally have high hopes that the Anvil will hit me like my Herborizer, which would be just amazing for a butane pocket vape.
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Hi Guys

John here! Back at work after - well after taking no time off! This launch business is harder than it looks. My sincere apologies for thinking we were ready - when in actual fact we were only mostly ready. That said we are sorting things out and momentum is increasing. We hope one day to be one of those large Thermal Extraction Conglomerates everyone talks about but today its just a family startup. We promise to do right by each and every one of you so please bear with our learning curve.

Before I get into details I do want to wish Whiff and his wife all the best. They are having a launch of their own today and we look forward to meeting their new addition as soon as its sensible to do so.

Shipping update

Last Wednesday we shipped 5, Thursday 10, Friday 10 and today 30. We anticipate shipping 30/day until the launch orders are finished this week.

Quality has improved on each shipment as we noticed things. I will be sending each of you an email detailing what we will be be sending each of you in a follow up package to make your unit as up to date as possible. It may take us a bit to sort every detail out but we want the Anvils in your hands to be up to your standards.

An update on what we found as we have ramped up so far.

The first five units shipped will have the magnetic cap on their utility tubes replaced. We found they don't fit well. When they came back from the anodizers the o-rings no longer slide. Last week we re-machined 225 of them. When you receive the re-worked caps you will notice a crescent shaped bare aluminum zone where the anodize is machined away. The crescent is because when they re-chucked for machining they can be off concentric by a few thousands of an inch. The units are shipped assembled so we know they fit now. 5 units are affected. Future generation tubes will be threaded on both sections so this problem will disappear.

The first 15 units shipped should wash their herb chambers before use. I will be sending you an email. When we got the first batch laser drilled/welded delivered they were ultrasonically cleaned by the vendor. The second much larger production batch was not. Small soot particles are visible under magnification. In our enthusiasm, rush, we missed this. We are tightening our process controls as we go. This soot readily washes and rinses off. We know. We washed 400 herb chambers by hand. Sorry for this embarrassing revelation.

I believe the airflow is too tight on the first 25 units we shipped. The combination of production ovens and valves seem much tighter than the BETA units and so we opened the design up. The units shipped work fine, albeit tight, so I suggest opening the airflow up fully. A faster cooler draw is on the way when we ship the newly designed airflow valve to you once they are machined.

I took it upon myself to re-machine ALL of the airflow valves for the balance of the launch and we need to machine net new parts to replace the 25 . As part of this "airflow" initiative I actually significantly increased the airflow through the valve to give you a lot more control. Airflow volume is inverse to temperature so we are all going to be doing a bit of learning here. The valves will now function from effectively full open to fully shut so dialing in your sweet spot should be possible. Adjusting the airflow valve to open and close easily takes a bit of getting used to so five minutes of practice is worth it. Just look at the line moving in the airflow slot and you'll master it easily. If you pull the screen tube and herb chamber out of the unit, hold them together and draw, you will experience the maximum air throughput possible. This is gated by the 8 input holes on the herb chamber.

New airflow valves will be sent to each of you in the first 25 without you having to do anything. Units 26 and beyond have the new valves already installed. The replacement valves for the first 25 and Thursdays shipment are being machined today and tomorrow. The replacements will ship early next week.

Discounts. We have gone through the list carefully and given the discount to 100% of you who have ordered an Anvil before midnight December 19th.

During the coming weeks our highest priority is to get your feedback and stabilize the Anvil in a production environment. I appreciate your patience and your help.
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