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  1. LittleBoy0311

    Dani BFG vs Anvil Vestratto

    To be honest you can’t really compare them. The anvil is more engineered and you feel it. it feels more “fragile” in a certain way, while the Dani feels more robust, like a “tank”. The Anvil does that “first use” impressive big clouds because it was engineered to do that with no effort from the...
  2. D

    How does the Anvil compare to the Tetra P80, TinyMight or other Heavy Hitters?

    I know this thread is a little premature because the Anvil is still pretty rare atm. But I am very interested in the Anvilfor a heavy hitter but i already have a P80. I was wondering if anyone can compare the two or compare the Anvil to some other vapes. I know this is blasphemy but i would...
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