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  1. Shadooz

    Abv extraction

    I wanted to know how everyone deals with abv oil. I read too many different timing from everyone, everywhere. I'm talking about abv, no decarb flower. I was eating my abv raw, but i collect enough, and get free low grad cbd flower, to make my own sativex©®™ First time i water cured abv, but...
  2. vapirtoo

    Vape Carts Health Crisis Megathread

    Teens have been admitted to hospitals with all kinds of respiratory distress. What are they doing wrong, and should we be concerned?
  3. Shit Snacks

    Yocan Kodo

    Here is the other at 510 oil cartridge pen battery I was sent by Yocan, the Kodo: It is super tiny, lightweight plastic, easy usb charging. 2.5v for the lowest setting feels good, and it also has the preheat for a lower cruise. Doesn't feel as premium as the Groote, Wit, or even Handy...
  4. Shit Snacks

    Yocan Wit

    Got one of these to test, along with Groote and Kodo (will be posting in threads for those as well), it is another 510 cartridge battery for any THC and CBD oil carts similar to their Handy. I will be posting more substantial review, with more photos ofcourse, but wanted to get a thread started...
  5. A

    Cbd and anti-depressants

    Hi everyone! I'm on mirtazapine 15 mg at night time for insomnia and recently i've started to vaoe cbd flowers and cbd oil 10%. In the first week of cbd oil use i've noticed that my body is more anxious, i had bad panic attacks when i'm driving or when i'm working out. Now i don't take cbd or...
  6. S

    Oil Tip For Box Mod

    My friend gifted me an alien 220w kit the other day. He said I could use it to put oil in it rather than the prefilled blu tips I’ve been using, and I could save some money. I’ve been doing some research, but I can’t find any oil tips that will fit it. Are oil tips only made for tiny pens like...
  7. A

    Winterizing Rosin?

    Hi, We all love dab Rosin, but, for making oil for medicine ( mixing cannabis oil with coconut oil or olive oil) I'm tinking to make canna capsules or " cannabis oil dropper" using Rosin as a base. But is better to winterizing Rosin or use staigth rosin?
  8. S

    First time making RSO, tar like substance left behind?

    First time making RSO. Used 75% everclear cause im canadian and lifes rough. Letting the ethanol evaporate off with the assistance of a magnetic hot plate stirrer. The alcohol is boiling off around 70c, slowly increasing and being held at 109 for 1.5 hours to debarb at the end. What was left was...
  9. danald2000

    Safety of silica ceramic (like ccell)

    Hi fcers, Disposable cartridges are all the rage here in California, and I'm loving them. One thing that concerns me is the safety of them. Many use silica wicking and others use ceramic. Most of the ceramic ones are using ccell technology. Ccell is silica ceramic, not alumina ceramic like used...
  10. Zondo

    Levo Oil Infusion

    https://www.levooil.com Magical Butter Machine competitor. Thoughts?
  11. S

    Fast, Easy coconut oil weed to eat

    Ive been cooking pot for 40 plus years to eat and feel it, never to cook with. If you like the feeling of eating this is a Fast No frills easy without waiting for hours and a lot of equipment. Its to get high NOT taste good. take a frying pan or wtf ever, put some coconut oil in there...
  12. B

    Good stealthy OIL only pen and\or cartridge? I.e, I will only use oil.

    I'm getting confused when reading recommendations in other posts because the conversations always involve things (acronyms mostly so I will read the glossary of acronyms) I either don't know or care about. I'm looking for a pen-like device for stealth although it appears making it look like a...

    Have you ever tried an oil/concentrate pen you actually LOVED ?

    And if so, what were they ? Only pens I've come close to loving so far, are my Linx Hypnos Zero & Modified Puffco+ But I'm wondering who else has really loved a pen, and which ones ?
  14. E

    Need help and guidance in a new vaporizer

    Hello everyone, this is my first thread so sorry if I make any mistakes. A little background story in order to narrow the possibilities. I will try to keep it as simple as possible. I have smoked tobacco for 4 years now and I've stopped for a month now without a problem, always got my mind...
  15. VapoRoor

    Brassknuckles Cartridges

    Epic Cartridge, best I've ever had the luxury of using. Has anyone else seen these at their dispensaries? The taste is so pure and true to each strain. Very effective as well. Currently using a regular 350mAh battery (ego style) They sell similar ego batteries (if not egos themselves) with...
  16. Treeburner

    Shelf Life of Cookies with Coconut Oil

    I've been cooking my cannabis lately instead of smoking or vaping, and have settled on 1/2oz of high grade bud per 1/2 cup of coconut oil made into oatmeal raisin cookies with .25g per cookie. Three per day keeps me good all day long. Instead of having to cook so often I made a batch of 112...
  17. JRR22611

    Double Brew or Twice Cooked Cannabis Infused Coconut Oil

    I recently made a batch of cannabis infused coconut oil, the ratio being 55g of flower to 475ml of coconut oil. It turned out not nearly as potent as I'd hoped, so I want to cook a few grams of dark indica oil extract (maybe even a few grams of shatter if I'm feeling cocky) into the previously...
  18. JRR22611

    Why I Gave up Cannabis

    I'm a huge supporter of medicinal cannabis; I've spoken with several people who have cured their terminal illness (in some cases in a matter of days) using nothing but potent cannabis extract - these people I've talked with shop at my small town dispensary. In all of these cases the people who...
  19. Treeburner

    Vaping Swamp Oil (aka dark oil, abv bho, etc.)

    Recently I ran 10oz. of butane through about 20g of decent abv, and was left with approximately 1g of dark black oil. Since I typically vape between 400 and 430°F there's obviously little to no thc remaining in the oil, but definitely some other high-boilers as applying the oil to smoked...
  20. skayleef

    Dabbing off he titanium domeless

    So I have a ti nail from he. I probably haven't even put over .5g of oil into it since I got it, which has been a couple months. I have a Newport butane torch, and a he titanium dabber w/ carb cap that barely caps my nail, which is super annoying, cause you gotta place it just right to cap the...
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