1. PPN

    X-Max Ace Vaporizer by TopGreen

    Hi, I'm very proud to present our new vaporizer in the X-Max line, the Ace: It's a replacable battery portable vaporizer using a black ceramic bowl (conduction), the airpath is isolated from the electronic: We used a different mouthpiece system than used in the Starry/Fog which is easier...
  2. A

    Xvape Vista Mini vs Vivant Incendio

    So it's come down to these two for me, as far as I can tell. The Mini isn't out yet but I might be able to snag it before the middle of September for vacation. The vivant is out and available so no worries there Not a lot of love for Vivant on r/waxpen over on Reddit. The atomizer seems pretty...
  3. mrweed

    Xvape Vital Vaporizer

    This is the forthcoming new herb vaporizer by Topgreen, the company behind the Xmax and Xmax V2. All the infos I have right now are on the picture above. They also have a new wax pen called v-one.
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