1. D

    Stash Jar

    Good Morning Y'all. Looking into purchasing a new stash jar - currently have the herb guard from amazon, but I agree with some reviews that it isn't worth the money. The lid is plastic, and for a permanent stash solution I would not want that. What do you guys currently use?
  2. caboose0013

    Storage w/ magnetic lid

    Hi all! My first post here! I'm looking for a storage container similar to the one in this video Unfortunately the one is the video is not being made anymore.
  3. JCat

    Storage Solutions (Refrigeration, Jars/Containers, Humidity, etc.)

    Just purchased the following for storage/refrigeration: Just wondering what everyone is using for storage solutions. Personally I'm using the following: - various sized mason jars for flower - 6mL glass containers w/ silicone lids for rosin - Boveda...
  4. Simple10

    Best overall vape tools & accessories organizer?

    Can anyone recommend a good overall organizer/storage unit that can hold all my loading/dab tools, 14 & 18mm glass adapters, various types of mouthpiece stems, cleaning brushes, etc., etc? I am currently using a shoe box with bubble wrap I try and lay in between each glass piece, but sometimes...
  5. Dr. Yan-I-Tor

    Oppinions regarding desktop choice

    Hi FC, It's been quite a while. So long I actually forgot I have an account on here even though I've been back and lurking again. Anyway, I'm in the market for a desktop vape. I have a MFLB and firefly 2 so I'm covered with portables. I'll give a brief outline of my situation because it may...
  6. muunch

    What do you do with your ABV when out of the house?

    For instance, in the car (please let's not discuss the morality of this in this thread) or on a walk in urban/residential areas. I've been debating whether it's even worth it to bring a poker and abv container while out now, since I'm so used to blowing my ABV out of the stems. It's a pain in...
  7. cloudsosmoke

    i heard this thing works - anyone know if it could improve weed tastes - or am i high
  8. Spocks_Katra

    storage boxes, stash jars, shelves, etc...How do YOU store your herb/concentrates and vapes

    Ive been on a search for a good stash box to store my herb/wax and my vapes (mighty, air, enano, etc) and it got me thinking, what do y'all use to store all your stuff? whether it is stored on shelves, in bags, a box, etc, how do you all keep everything organized? Feel free to share pics...
  9. viciousambitious

    I Made a Custom Bud Tray (Thoughts?)

    I have the good fortune to work somewhere that has a laser cutter. Recently I’ve been putting it to use trying to make a new way to handle herbs at home. After updating my initial prototype, I’m pretty happy with it and would like to see what you think. It’s a 5” x 7” tray with a channel in one...
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