1. A

    A new vaporizer under 200$

    Hi guys! My name is Alan, i'm from Italy :) I have a Vivant alternate from 2017 and now i want to buy a new vape. I'm looking for a vape that gives smooth vapor, cuz i have asthma, allergic to grass pollen and mites, and i don't want to cough a lot while vaping. I had also a Magic flight...
  2. Simple10

    Portable enail for your rig?

    My Yocan Torch has bit the dust so I'm looking to replace it with another portable enail that can be used with your own stand-alone glass right out the box. After some research the only thing I found that can do this is the Xvape Vista. I tried using the Source 4 vape mod atomizer with the...
  3. arthritisbites

    Which portable concentrate pen is the best?

    Hi everyone, I am a medical patient and am interested in using concentrates while out of my house. So it needs to be as discreet as possible. However, functionality (and health, of course) is what is most important to me. I want this to be as fast a process as possible. I just placed an order...
  4. Simple10

    Is there an ultra portable enail

    like the Yocan Torch that can attach securely to the joint of any WP, but with a coil-less bucket atomizer instead? The Yocan Torch is great but I like the traditional dabbing method of stirring your concentrate into the preheated nail/chamber instead of the vape pen method of carefully...
  5. muunch

    What do you do with your ABV when out of the house?

    For instance, in the car (please let's not discuss the morality of this in this thread) or on a walk in urban/residential areas. I've been debating whether it's even worth it to bring a poker and abv container while out now, since I'm so used to blowing my ABV out of the stems. It's a pain in...
  6. Perplexpercolator

    Powerpack for 12v DC log vapes

    Hello, so I'm still waiting around to find the log I want but I'm pretty set on one, my issue is with making it portable. Given the season/online sales and such is there anything that pops out to you? Is there a way to combine USB output to achieve 12v DC or more? Do any of these options have...
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