1. hd_rider

    Excessive phlegm after long-term vaping?

    Hello fellow FC folks, I have a question but not sure if this is the right place for it. Do you find that you have an increased build-up of phlegm in your respiratory tract resulting from long-term vaping? Here's my reason for the question. I've been vaping daily for the last 18 months or...
  2. H

    Do you cough still when vaping vs when you combusted?

    Vaping will rarely make me choke and has only done so once in the last year or so. But sometimes I will hand my vape to a friend and they will cough their lungs out like they just took a bongload. Did you cough when you first started vaping and cough less when vaping now, or still always cough...
  3. little maggie

    Low cough vaporizer

    There are too many new vaporizers to make sense of. I'm happy with my Solo and UD and have given away the ones I haven't liked. I'm becoming a bit of a vape buying addict and would like some input on which ones tend to cause the least cough to the most people: without modding or needing...
  4. cawshook

    Huge hit, choke, cough, little vapor

    What exactly happens when you take a huge hit, too big, so you choke and cough, but only little Vapor is exhaled? Where is the rest? Still caught in mucous in your lungs? Caught in the mucous in the throat? Combination of both? Also do you think it gets you really really high ? Worth it?
  5. J

    Throat itch and cough

    So while I have been vaping the vapor has been making my throat feel weird and it makes me cough a lot to the point where I get nauseous. I'm not sure if this means I should take small quick hits or small slow hits?
  6. PPN

    to cough or not to cough

    Hi everybody, l vaporize my weed since february 2013, l begun to feel that my lungs are tiredfull ,my baby was born some months ago and my wife don't smoke (now l smoke yet but 3 little blunts per day mixed with tobacco the bad european habit): it was time to change and somebody offer me the...
  7. A

    Why do I cough so badly with vaping? Just me or....?

    When I vape, once the vapor is drawn in, 9 times out of 10 I start coughing, which turns into a long, drawn out, hacking cough. Doesn't matter if I draw slowly or quickly - I've used an Iolite, MFLB and VaporStar - all cause the same reaction. I tried the whip tube of the MFLB going into a...
  8. M

    Why do they cough?

    I'm planning to get a vaporizer, following a health scare, but when I look at the demo videos, the demonstrator nearly always coughs after inhaling the vapour. Is it the temperature of the vapour? Or is it because I'm loking at demos of stealth pocket vapes? Also, has anyone seen the recent...
  9. CHEI

    My LB is burning my throat and making me cough.

    It didn't do this before... at least not as bad. I've had to switch mainly back to concentrates because I am waiting for the HI. I could just get a twig but I need something different and with a water pipe adaptor that delivers fat hits. 2-3 hits per bowl. Its really harsh. I feel like my...
  10. P

    Smokers Cough

    I've had my MFLB for about a month now. Everywhere I've read vaporizing is healthier than smoking. However, I've noticed vaporizing everyday usually gives me a smokers cough which gets quite annoying. If I take a break from vaporizing and go back to smoking, however, it goes away. I am asthmatic...
  11. daddygreenjeans

    Please help! My smoking cough is back and I'm NOT smoking :(

    So I've been vaping for maybe 3 or 4 months. I'm a 10+ year smoker and had a horrible cough from it. I was coughing all day every few minutes sometimes. I would cough up yellow, brown and green phelm, sorry if tmi. It was horrible but I continued to smoke. Hence my turn to vaping as soon...
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