1. E

    Removing hard water stains from glass?

    Anyone know how to remove hard water stains from glass that you can’t touch? I don’t mean salt and iso to clean it, I’m talking mineral deposits. I’ve tried soaking and shaking with iso, vinegar, Grunge Off, Dark Crystal, Oxiclean, PH Down, and something else I’m probably forgetting - nothing...
  2. Jill NYC

    Safely Dispose ISO

    Now that I have an Ultrasonic cleaner, I have been reusing larger amounts of ISO. I am not planning on using it for any extraction and I’ve heard from others it is bad to toss it down the drain. Is this true? If so, what am I supposed to do with it when it gets too brown to clean well anymore...
  3. arthritisbites

    Long handled volcano/mighty brush?

    Does anyone know where to find a long handled version of the brush that comes with the volcano or the mighty? I’ve tried searching on the Internet but the search terms are too nonspecific and don’t pull up what I’m trying to find. I don’t need that exact brush, just the same kind of idea. I’ve...
  4. paingone

    How to clean my Phire Legacy

    Can anyone tell me how to clean my Phire Legacy dome? And should I clean the piece I place my herbs in? Thanks... new to this site.
  5. Tstat


    So, the other day my vape combusted while paired with a double perc bub. This bub has a bell shaped perc on the top and now has black shit stuck up in there. There is no way to get a cleaning utensil up in there. Now, I can't get it to come come clean and it's driving me nuts. I've soaked it...
  6. wrightstuff18

    Taking apart the firefly 2

    The littel tiny holes in the screen gets clogged and are imopssible to clean!!! anyone here ever take it appart and give it a good clena?? WHo has the balls!! I started and chickened out!!
  7. bibblybobbly

    Easiest to clean portable??

    What is the easiest to clean portable vaporizer? I have a Haze V3. It's pretty damn fiddly to clean. I'm getting a bit sick of the rigmarole of cleaning it. Plus has some oven holes that cannot be accessed for cleaning at all. I was looking at the Arizer Air - looks quite easy to clean but...
  8. kbrown5523

    Best brushes for cleaning out hot vapes

    I'm looking for brushes that I can swipe out hot ceramic or stainless steal ovens without them shriveling up like the ones that came with my various different vaporizers. I checked a few sites like PIU and couldn't find anything. Any suggestions?
  9. Astromaddie

    Cleaning burnt glassware?

    Hey everyone, so I picked up a used SSV recently and dear lord did the previous owner do a number to it. :o The whip bowl and the glass surrounding the heating element are full of crusted-on burnt residue. I've got it soaking in a sealed tub of iso, but as of last night (~4 hours soaking) it...
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